September 26, 2011

Don't forget to wash after you tinkle

Notice anything unusual in the urinal below?

Well, well, well...a soap dish! Now if I can only find the faucet...

September 14, 2011

I had ads again!

I lost my Nuffnang codes for ads when I changed my blog template to black this year. Took some time for me to insert the codes back because my html template is kinda tricky but now its soooo baaaaaaack! 

In case you were wondering, I'm not really earning or expect to earn anything from the ads since I'm not a serious blogger. They're just pretty =D

September 12, 2011

Directions to Ilog Maria

I'm sure you've all heard of Ilog Maria. It's that lip balm, hair oil, shampoo or soap made out of honey extracts which your friends swear by.  I first heard about it in 2006 when my kikay boss excitedly told me she just came from a secret bee farm and went home with winner all-natural skin care products. Looking back, I've no idea why that information was shared to me but it did keep me wondering about the place and the products (and the name). Fast forward to 2011 and I finally had my chance to visit the farm(talk about a 5 year path-to-purchase journey).

I kinda knew that the dirt road leading to the farm was supposedly a few meters after turning right on the Tagaytay rotunda. Some people say its 1 or 2 km after Gourmet's Cafe. Another blog said it was right on KM47. Ok ok ok so many leads from different sources but Gelo and I got lost and had to go around 3 times before we realized we haven't even reached the supposed dirt road. Cruising down slowly on the highway, I was looking for some kind of "dirt road" that was really "dirt" - like  something only a 4x4 would only dare to go. Here was how we finally found it:

1.) From Sta. Rosa, turn right on Tagaytay rotunda
2.) pass Gourmet's Cafe, Station, Iglesia ni Cristo and Unioil on the right
3.) pass Petron on the left
4.) Watch out for a Blue signage with Ilog Maria written on it in Yellow (approximately 10 mins from Rotunda while driving at 50kph)
5.) Follow the dirt road (it'll fit most cars, unless you're driving those huge Ford SUV types). The road is supposedly one way on weekends so no need to worry about incoming traffic. Maybe except for motorcycles or livestock.
6.) Upon reaching a small clearing, go inside the open grey gate passing the black iron gate to your left which says "exit".
Welcome to Ilog Maria! Happy Shopping!

One last thing. If visiting the farm is not your thing but you still want to shop, you can buy their products online. See the complete Ilog Maria product range here and download the official map (in word doc).

September 7, 2011

Politics and Pepsi

Last Sept 2, Pnoy made witty remarks about his love live(or lack thereof) by comparing it to Coke variants - Coke (regular), Coke Light and and Coke Zero. 

read the full article here:
While every Juan laughed this off (with Coke giddy from the unprompted endorsement), the brand team over at Pepsi didn't take it so lightly (as in Coke Light-ly haha!) and supposedly released this to counter Coke's PR:

Just when I thought it was all over, let the Colar wars begin! O RC, got anything to say? 

September 5, 2011

Beauty Queens on Acid

Stumbled upon the Miss Universe promos on Youtube this morning. Either the producers took the Carnival treatment too far or everyone in Sao Paolo is tripping acid. This certainly isn't the usual pageant promo. Ola Brasil!

Here's one with the reigning Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete