March 9, 2011

J. Lo's Lambada comeback

J. Lo sealed her comeback last week when she launched her On the Floor music video on American Idol. I didn't really like the song the first time around but I have to admit the track grows on you - especially the Lambada melody. And even if its an old tune, majority of the partyphiles today weren't even born during the Lambada controversy in the 90s. As J. Lo's says in her opening "Its a new generation of party people". Oh yes. She knows she's of age (but damn she can still rock it at 41) - that probably means I'm of age too because of the 90s reference(but yes I too can still rock it haha) 

And for you reference, here is the original Lambada.

By the way is Electronica or Dance now the comeback genre? With more and more mainstream artists jumping on the dancefloor with DJs spinning for them, are the days of anonymous females vocals singing to tigz tigz numbered? Think Kelly Rowland and David Guetta(Commander, When Love Takes Over), Britney and Tiesto (Hold it Against Me), Madonna in 2005 (Confessions on a Dance Floor) and now Miss J. to the Lo.

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