January 12, 2011

Brand Camp: Blamestorming

Ever been to those multi-team meetings where you knew you'd be fried but still go anyway? A couple of companies and positions ago, I had to attend this monthly meeting organized by Customer Service. It was their regular Operations Report but required Brand Managers to answer any brand/product concerns they might have. Every meeting without fail, whenever one particular KPI(Key Performance Indicator) was down (and one or more usually was), the reason would always be about why Marketing didn't do this or how Marketing didn't do it right or how the campaign should be changed etc etc Because, supposedly, I knew a lot of people from Customer Service, I was the appointed one to attend in behalf of the whole Marketing team (Hmm come to think of it now, pakshet kayo lahat :P). I would always sit at the last row of the room (there were about 40 attendees) and every time a brand or product concern would come up everyone would face back and look at me. Argh. Believe it or not, even with that situation, I was still considered lucky. When it'd be just the bosses meeting for the same thing they, most often than not, end up shouting. 

Sigh corporate life. I so don't miss you. So far so good in the world of Publishing! =D

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