January 18, 2011

Lost my mojo to D'OH

Why do I seriously feel I'm getting dumber? 

Is it because...

I've stopped over thinking and over analyzing the state of things the past couple of months? 
I stopped reading about regional digital strategies and campaigns? 
I've shifted my learning curve from discovering digital to directly applying digital? 
My day to day role requires little strategy?
I don't have client briefs to crack? 
I've lost my sense of wonder therefore stopped asking questions?
I haven't seen any stimulating movies lately?
I have not had a philosophical debate/discussion in a while?

Oh well, whatever the hell this is I better act fast. I seriously want my mojo back

January 12, 2011

Pick-me-up song of the week: Firework

Ok so for those who have heard this song a million times and think its getting baduy, forget the music and read the lyrics:

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Fine. Lyrics aren't that deep either but you gotta admit the beat is catchy. And sometimes, when you allow yourself to forget how cynical and sarcastic you already are, be shallow for one moment and let the song fill you up. Remember, being happy doesn't always mean being complicated. 

Boom, boom, booom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon 

PS. Don't you think the video is very Heroes. Either that or Katy Perry loves Dazzler/Jubilee


PPS. One of my friends caught her husband dancing to this tune all by himself in the bedroom (complete with air punches). Bravo Katy Perry!

Brand Camp: Blamestorming

Ever been to those multi-team meetings where you knew you'd be fried but still go anyway? A couple of companies and positions ago, I had to attend this monthly meeting organized by Customer Service. It was their regular Operations Report but required Brand Managers to answer any brand/product concerns they might have. Every meeting without fail, whenever one particular KPI(Key Performance Indicator) was down (and one or more usually was), the reason would always be about why Marketing didn't do this or how Marketing didn't do it right or how the campaign should be changed etc etc Because, supposedly, I knew a lot of people from Customer Service, I was the appointed one to attend in behalf of the whole Marketing team (Hmm come to think of it now, pakshet kayo lahat :P). I would always sit at the last row of the room (there were about 40 attendees) and every time a brand or product concern would come up everyone would face back and look at me. Argh. Believe it or not, even with that situation, I was still considered lucky. When it'd be just the bosses meeting for the same thing they, most often than not, end up shouting. 

Sigh corporate life. I so don't miss you. So far so good in the world of Publishing! =D

January 6, 2011

3 resolutions for 2011

This year I only want to focus on three resolutions:

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I make this resolution every time I feel I lack intellectual stimulation (and also when I feel I'm falling behind my English). There's nothing like a good book to kickstart good old fashioned Wonder. Some books I saw in Fullybooked earlier were Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates: Using Philosophy (and Jokes!) to Explore Life, Death, the Afterlife, and Everything in Between and SuperFreakonomicsGeekdom, your bear has returned hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Write more
If you noticed this blog experienced a drought of entries in 2010. Let's just say there were too many changes in my life last year which were too serious to write about. Also, I refocused all my energies towards Twitter. You have to admit spontaneous micro-blogging in 140 characters is a lot easier than composing a real blog entry.But but but this year i promise to blog again!!! Time to compose thoughts again beyond the 140 character limit. 

Save more
As in SM Save More (blech). No need to explain this. I'm not getting any younger. Need to start preparing for my retirement.

So there. I think having realistic resolutions are attainable resolutions. If you wana go corporate on this, think SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). Nothing like "loose 20 pounds by summer" or "quit meat". Anyway wish me luck! =D