March 17, 2010


Who wouldn't enjoy taking a bath when your shower looks like this:

Kohler new K-8030 WaterTile Rain overhead showering panel

Sounds weird but it was always my dream to have a huge rain showerhead  in my bathroom(a shower panel would also be nice :)). Of course theres always bathing in the rain but obviously I can't do that anymore.

1.) I'm a 30+ year old man
2.) Manila rain = acid rain = drinking pasig river water
3.) When I was a kid, my yaya used to tell me not to get myself wet in rainwater or else I'll become a crazy person (if I had learned to say "weh" before then I would said it...WEH?!)

Going back to showers, this is also nice. Tara ligo tayo.


Ricky said...

ako din usto ko yan...:D

Carlos said...

Have you tried the showers in moro? I love the shower heads there! Any idea how much these would cost?

me! said...

Haven't tried Moro yet :(

Cge if ever I see the shower head in True Value or Ace I'll check out the price.