March 4, 2010

All you need to surf is...a TV?

I've got to hand it to SMART for launching this innovation. For people like me who are excited about spreading the digital revolution, this is HUGE. Just imagine, TV penetration in the Philippines is more than 90% compared to Internet penetration which is about 25%. Marry the two together and consider the falling costs of mobile data and 3G/Wi-Fi handsets and the days of internet cafes might just be over. Dare I say in the next 5 years? 

Of course, this new smart product will take a couple of months before it reaches its masa-friendly price. I assume the surfing experience will the remain the same (unpredictable and sucky most of the time). I also wonder how the resolution will look like given the RCA converter. Will it work better on an HD TV? hahahaha

Learn more about Surf TV here

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Anonymous said...

i agree. this would definitely support the digital revolution here in the philippines.... says the walking tv mascots :)