March 30, 2010

Imelda Inspires David Byrne and Fat Boy Slim

Say what? 

I know. 

That was my reaction too. Anyway, before any else, watch the video below. I knew Imelda was influential but it kinda strikes a chord when you see her with legendary figures like Castro and Mao. Hmm now that I've mention it, the video is so Evita and her Rainbow Tour.

The second video explains the story behind the inspiration. Thanks David Byrne and Fat Boy for putting the spotlight on the Philippines again. After all, Imelda was supposedly the most famous Filipino until Pacquiao came along.

















March 20, 2010

Goodbye Pink!

Finally! After years of driving by tacky and awful pink structures along EDSA, the MMDA has chosen a new color: green. Its supposedly a part of the MMDA Metro Green Project but I hope this one sticks even after the project's done.  Come to think of it, "greening" Metro Manila will take a whole lifetime.  Anyway, the new color definitely is a welcome change. Next on my wishlist, taking down all the ugly billboards.

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March 19, 2010

Magic Pizza

So what do people put in their pizzza nowadays? Hallucinogens? Looks like Lloydie and his barkada sure discovered something hahaha

March 18, 2010

Knock knock

Today I had a long interesting overseas conversation with an industry peer about a potential opportunity. You know what they say, never turn down an opportunity especially if their knock sounds like "ka-ching! ka-ching!". I'm secretly crossing my fingers, toes and butt that I get to continue the conversation.  If not, well it was a good try :)

March 17, 2010


Who wouldn't enjoy taking a bath when your shower looks like this:

Kohler new K-8030 WaterTile Rain overhead showering panel

Sounds weird but it was always my dream to have a huge rain showerhead  in my bathroom(a shower panel would also be nice :)). Of course theres always bathing in the rain but obviously I can't do that anymore.

1.) I'm a 30+ year old man
2.) Manila rain = acid rain = drinking pasig river water
3.) When I was a kid, my yaya used to tell me not to get myself wet in rainwater or else I'll become a crazy person (if I had learned to say "weh" before then I would said it...WEH?!)

Going back to showers, this is also nice. Tara ligo tayo.

March 16, 2010

My New Coffee

Since I've given up coffee for Lent (along with desserts) I've been rediscovering my love for tea.

Yesterday, I think I had 8 mugs worth of Twinings Green Tea. That just might be the reason why I was so calm and collected despite the Monday chaos going on around me haha 

Tea is supposedly more healthy right? Well, as I remember a Hong Kong tour guide tell me before  that "tea was the secret to why Chinese people are so slim"....umm yeah right. C'mon Green Tea! Work with me hahaha

March 12, 2010

3 Simultaneous Free Rihanna Parties Tomorrow!

To launch Nokia's latest music touchphone, the X6, there will be three simultaneous parties tomorrow, March 13 around the Metro. To get your special invite, grab tomorrow's edition of either the Philippine Star or Philippine Daily Inquirer and take a picture of the special ticket embedded on the print ad (using your Nokia phone of course). No need to send the image to  an access number. Just be one of the first 300 Nokia users to show up to any of the following:

Manor Superclub
Eastwood City Walk
with Nokia Indepedent Artists Club and DJ Ace Ramos

Bonifacio Global City
with DJ Mars Miranda

Orosa St., Malate
with DJ Brian Cua

Coffee Bean Open House This Sunday

Hello all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf fans! Check out the invitation to an open house this Sunday below(click image to enlarge). Coffee Bean will be handing out complimentary 12 oz Fru Teas in Pomegranate or Lemon Zest flavors. I'm personally curious about the Lemon Zest. Must be totally refreshing for summer. 

March 8, 2010

Longest Flat Note By A Human

or so the video title goes. I've absolutely no words to describe it except kawawa naman si Nina. She's no Charice but I guess A for effort.

March 4, 2010

All you need to surf is...a TV?

I've got to hand it to SMART for launching this innovation. For people like me who are excited about spreading the digital revolution, this is HUGE. Just imagine, TV penetration in the Philippines is more than 90% compared to Internet penetration which is about 25%. Marry the two together and consider the falling costs of mobile data and 3G/Wi-Fi handsets and the days of internet cafes might just be over. Dare I say in the next 5 years? 

Of course, this new smart product will take a couple of months before it reaches its masa-friendly price. I assume the surfing experience will the remain the same (unpredictable and sucky most of the time). I also wonder how the resolution will look like given the RCA converter. Will it work better on an HD TV? hahahaha

Learn more about Surf TV here