January 3, 2010

10 lessons for 2010 (part 1)

2009 was a BANG (sorry I couldn't think of any other word so BANG is open to interpretation) and just to close the book, here are 10 lessons I've learned this year which shouldn't be forgotten in 2010. 

1.) Always find ways to stimulate your intellect.
Yes everyday work and life challanges may be stimulating but nothing beats the satisfaction of stripping an object bare of the obvious and wasting time inventing life lessons worth tweeting about. This should only be done in small doses though. If this becomes part of your everyday life (like work) then quit before you get brain fried. 

Quick fixes: Read a book. Watch a documentary. Appreciate art.

2.) Be appreciative of those who matter.
It doesn't have to be about saying Thank You a million times or about giving  an expensive gift.. Its about the small gestures that mean more - letting him get ahead in line, making his bed, letting him have the bigger Spam slice, listening to him patiently rant about work, etc...

Quick fixes: Share your lunch. Appreciate his outfit. Offer a toast.

3.) Believe I'm truly am good at something.
There are those who say I'm good at something and there are stuff I know I'm truly good at...well, I think meron naman...I just need to find out what that is. Believe. Believe. Believe.

Quick fix: Look at resume =p

4.) Be more thorough.
I used to be known for my attention to detail but somehow I lost that along the way. Being too results oriented does have its disadvantages. They say beauty is in the details. Or was it the devil is in the details? Anyhow, I'll take them both and say that the devil finds beauty in the details haha

Quick fix: Finish a crossword puzzle.

5.) People don't bite. Don't be afraid to get to know them. 
Let it be known that I am cliquish. Always was and always will be. It takes sooo much effort for me to engage in casual conversation just to find common ground in a random situation. Of course if you've met me through a meeting, conference or concert it'd be different because we have a common currency to trade. Social lubricant is always necessary for me to turn into a sociala bear (I don't want to be a social butterfly).

Quick fix: Chat with YM contacts you've forgotten about.

to be continued =D

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