December 9, 2009

Meet My Chimay

After being curious about this beer for a long time, I finally got to taste Chimay a couple of weekends ago in Distillery Jupiter. The one I'm holding in the pic is the 9% alcohol variety. For perspective, 9% is actually quite strong compared to Red Horse (7%), Strong Ice (7.%) and Colt 45 (7%). It's the best tasting out of all of them though. 1 bottle will set you back P190 bucks but you'll definitely be solved for the night. hic!

The first time I saw the brand I asked the waiter which of the 3-4 varieties he recommended. Our conversation went something like this.

me: Kuya, anong masarap na Chimay?
Kuya: depende sir. May taga-Leyte, taga-Samar....

Smart ass =p

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