November 25, 2009

Which Lomo to get now?

I'm thinking of buying yet another Lomo camera to add to my collection. I already have a Holga(120), Fisheye2 (with color splash flash and Fisheye cutter) and Action Sampler Flash so this around I'm considering the following:

1.) a Pop 9

which can give me type of photo

Pros: Gives me 9 angles with one click/135 film thats easy to find/only P2500
Cons: Kinda has the same output as a still subject in Action Sampler (but duh... why would you take a still photo with Action Sampler. Doh!)

2.) an Oktomat 

which can give me this

Pros: Gives me 8 sequential shots in one frame(double that of the Action Sampler)/135 film thats easy to find/only P2500
Cons: Just another Action Sampler

3.) a Supersampler Dalek

which gives me this

Pros: 4 sequential panoramic shots (wider Action Sampler) 
Cons: Ugly looking camera!/no flash/costs P3800/uses 125mm film

HMMMM. I'm really leaning more towards the impractical Dalek now. Tarak kasi ng panoramic shots. What do you think?

1 comment:

cham said...

i vote for dalek... may action sampler ka na kasi =)