November 30, 2009

Where You Are: An Online Advent Prayer Series

After, Down the Easter Road - Hangad's Online Lenten Prayer Series, comes Where You Are - an Advent Online Prayer Series. 

In this four-part prayer guide comprising readings, reflections, and songs, Hangad invites you to light an Advent candle with them as they again set out on a journey to find the newborn King. Like the star that led the three wise men to the baby in a manger, let the light of the candles help all of us see, be with, and imitate Christ. 

Hangad hopes that by setting aside 10 to 20 minutes of your time each week, you will be able to have a glimpse of the promise that the coming of Emmanuel brings. 

Click here to start your journey.

Santa Claus is following me on Twitter!

@Santa Claus: I was naughty this year. Can you give me naughty gifts instead? Oh and can you please ring the doorbell so I can open the door properly for you? I'll be scarred for life if I wake up in the middle of the night and find an old man in my living room.

November 25, 2009

Which Lomo to get now?

I'm thinking of buying yet another Lomo camera to add to my collection. I already have a Holga(120), Fisheye2 (with color splash flash and Fisheye cutter) and Action Sampler Flash so this around I'm considering the following:

1.) a Pop 9

which can give me type of photo

Pros: Gives me 9 angles with one click/135 film thats easy to find/only P2500
Cons: Kinda has the same output as a still subject in Action Sampler (but duh... why would you take a still photo with Action Sampler. Doh!)

2.) an Oktomat 

which can give me this

Pros: Gives me 8 sequential shots in one frame(double that of the Action Sampler)/135 film thats easy to find/only P2500
Cons: Just another Action Sampler

3.) a Supersampler Dalek

which gives me this

Pros: 4 sequential panoramic shots (wider Action Sampler) 
Cons: Ugly looking camera!/no flash/costs P3800/uses 125mm film

HMMMM. I'm really leaning more towards the impractical Dalek now. Tarak kasi ng panoramic shots. What do you think?

November 17, 2009

Should bloggers disclose their commercial relationships?

As a consumer, I guess its only fair to disclose the blogger's commercial relationships. They're supposed to be beacons of unbiased opinions anyway.

As a marketer, I wouldn't want readers to know I've partnered with a specific blogger. Knowing pinoys can sometimes be just black and white, it might be hard to establish a grey area.

I guess the safest for me is for bloggers to indicate entries as "paid advertorials" when it comes to commercial relationships. That way both blogger and reader/consumer is protected.

You can do it the Nuffnang way, contextual placements are always safe implied  endorsements =p

What do you think?

November 16, 2009

Attention! "Childrens" of Fr. Amici!

I know I've been guilty of a lot of grammar crimes myself (even if Mr. Grammar Police is my partner) but I think I've pretty much mastered my basic grade school English. Thanks to 6 years worth of blood, sweat and tears shed by brave English teachers in the classrooms of SHS. Fast forward to two decades later and I wonder if the quality of English education is still the same because last week, driving by one of the Makati's all boy schools on the way to Greenbelt (daming clues!), my friends and I were greeted with rows and rows of yellow schoolbuses which said:

The Horror! PUVs I can understand but a schoolbus? Either the kids who ride this everday treat this as a running joke or everyone thinks there's nothing wrong with it. Someone contact Fr. Amici now!!!!

Thanks Cham for the quick pic! =D

November 15, 2009

Where Cognac comes from

I came across this table tonight while working on something for a liquor client. Interesting. 

Just another Friday night at Distillery

I was hanging in the corner with my 5 best friends 
I heard that you were trouble but I couldn't resist

Ok I'm not Leighton (which means I've no Chuck =p) so I'll revise the lyrics

We were hanging at the staircase with my 5 drunk friends
We finished a box of Shakeys 10 bottles of Beck's

Haha nonsense! And so is this video.

Notice that when I pan to the right after shooting at Cham and Gelo's eye level, I pass Mike's chest. Tallness.

What will I ever do without you guys? Cheers! =D

November 12, 2009

November 11, 2009

There is a reason for everything (Japanese)

Ok. So we've all seen the crazy, ingenious but very practical inventions of the Japanese. There's this

(something I wana give Loren and Jake for Christmas)

And this

(perfect for Ministop Jjampong breakfasts)

And this

(to all the single daddies out there...put your hands up!)

BUT THIS???? WTF??? Why hello cougar!

November 9, 2009

My New Favorite Beer

Thanks bestbud for introducing me to Beck's. Now its my new favorite beer! Can't wait to BBZfy this at the christmas party. Cookie! Hope I hope we still get the BBZ freezer your friend promised =D

November 8, 2009

Nagmemerong Sashimi

A couple of weeks back, in Sumo Sam Shangri-la Plaza, I ordered Sashimi which I found to be bleeding. Eww. 

Should I blame the restaurant for serving food not fit for consumption or should I simply recognize that this piece of dead meat is manisfesting its being to me (ang pagmemeron ng sashimi)? Worth a thesis statement in Philo 101 orals hahaha

November 6, 2009

O day Jinky!

Ding! Elevator door opens at 12F GT Tower Foodcourt.

Surprise! Welcome to the Jinky Oda/Glutamax lunch time special.

Joanne, kulot na ba buhok mo sa Monday? Don't blame me pagkamukha mo na si Jinky ha =p

The Student Mantra

No Entry

No Tuition
No Exam

No Exam
No Grade

No Grade
No Graduation

No Graduation
No Job

No Job
No Future

Got this from one of my field research visits last year. Just goes to show how for us Pinoys, education is really the ticket to bright future.

November 5, 2009

Bored? Download Free Nokia Games Now!

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Salcedo dog walkers

One of the advantages of getting to Salcedo Village early in the morning (I work in the area) is enjoying the "village" part of it. For most parts of the day, its as traffic and noisy as any other commercial area but between 6-7am, the streets are quiet and for this brief window, it almost seems like a cozy place to live. This is also the time a lot of dog owners(and joggers!) and dog yayas bring their pets out for an early morning stroll. Cute scene actually. Like this one.

and this.

HMMM! Maybe I should bring dogs next time I'm early so I have props/conversation starters :p "Hi, I can walk your dog if you walk mine" LOL

November 2, 2009

Brand Camp: Brand Manager

LOL! Brand manager or not, we've all felt like doing this at some point or another.

Favorite BM moment:

Me: Till when will the promo be running?
BM: Aba malay ko!!!!