October 3, 2009

Where is God in all this?

This was the scene earlier at the Ateneo covered courts. Talk about being organized! Thought it'd be much more chaotic than this but then what do I know about disaster relief operations? Kudos to the men and women behind Blue Bayanihan!

Hangad was invited by Fr. Manoling to sing for his mass for the Blue Bayanihan volunteers. Its good to know someone is looking after their spiritual welfare. I imagine how helping out can be draining both physically and emotionally.

The place was almost festive when we got there. It actually felt like I was in a school fair or something. The volunteers even had a contest as to who can give the best acronym for ONDOY and PEPENG. I don't know if this was bordering on the offensive but I guess its very Filipino in that sense - always trying to make something funny out of any situation.

Anyway, Fr. Mano' homily was about God's journey into humanity in the midst of this tragedy. Amidst all the pain and destruction, one was sure to ask, "Where is God in all of this?" If He is a God of love, why did He allow this to happen? If He is God Almighty, why does He seem powerless against the forces of evil? Is He truly God who is the "grand architect of the universe" and just watches us
"from a distance"?

In the mystery of understanding our God, we have to reconcile that his seeming detachment is actually his involvement. He is not far away but is alive and present nearer than we think. We who are left behind and are able to rebuild this society is God made manifest. This is His mystery. We are Him made flesh. So the next time we wonder where He is, all we really have to do is look around.

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