October 26, 2009

Brand Camp: Viral Video

Producing a viral video for your brand is like a leap of faith. Don't ask for proof that it works. You just gotta believe!!!!

Ok stop right there. Notice the irony in the my sentence? Branded viral videos aren't 'produced' silly. Real virals are user generated. Serious education needs to be given to those who treat viral videos the same way as a 30 sec tvc. If you wana create buzz, don't waste money on production TFs and account manhours. Throw your brand straight to the consumer and be at his mercy.

Oh and don't even dream of coming up with metrics to measure viral videos. Its like tsismis which everyone talks about but no one knows the magnitude of. Haven't you read Madonna's Mr. Peabody's Apples? tsk tsk

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info said...

I totally agree, here's a "viral" video from a latest start up


video does not mean sales unless your brand is aimed to a bunch of 13 years olds who are the only people who have time to pass this garbage around