September 30, 2009

Hangad concert postponed till further notice

Dear friends,

Over the last months, we in Hangad have been working hard to put together one of our most exciting shows to date -- new songs with new styles, new arrangements, and new choreography. And we were all set to share these months of work with all of you on October 3 and 4. To all who e-mailed to reserve tickets to the show and express their excitement, thank you for your support.

But just like everyone else, none of us expected the tragedy that struck Metro Manila and its surrounding areas last September 26. We share in the shock, helplessness, and bayanihan spirit that Ondoy and its aftermath has stirred -- especially since there are those in Hangad whose family members' own lives and homes suffered Ondoy's wrath.

In this light, we have decided to postpone Everything in Its Time indefinitely. For sure, the concert will push through at a later date, and we will inform you when it does; for now, however, we would like to focus on prayer and action to rebuild our devastated country, and helping our own members rebuild their lives and homes.

We pray that you, your families, and your homes are safe as well.



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