September 7, 2009

Gesu needs a makeover

I find it hard to believe that a building inside Ateneo (and an important structure at that) is left to the elements. Someone fix The Church of the Gesu immediately! I guess that's the problem when you have a white edifice in a polluted environment. Calling Ateneans in Boysen and Dutchboy! Paint sponsorship needed! Come to think of it, calling alumni in the air conditioning and sound system business as well. This place badly needs proper ventilation and a decent sound system.


gelopots said...

oh no what happened to the Gesu =( ganda pa naman ng structure

mikhail quijano said...

OMG what happened! It looks like a building from some apocalyptic film! :(

me! said...

La na. Sayang naman all the imported Italian marble inside hehe