June 12, 2009


Kinda delayed but this goes out to everyone who wrote me on my birthday. I can't put into words how special you made that day for me. I guess I'm not that invisible after all =p Its great to feel so much love and know you've affected other people in one way or another. I wish I could give each and every one of your big bear hugs. You guys totally made up for the way I turned 30 last year (I was told that just because it was my birthday, I had no right to take a leave. HNH!)

Of course, thanks to Pau to putting the whole thing together. What can I say? You know how to make me happy =)

thanks Pau for the pic =D


cham said...

sweet ni pau noh? :D who told you that you had no right to take a leave last year?!?!

jampackedbear said...

haha yeah sweet. Si bossing hehe