June 14, 2009

Not just another night out

It wasn't just "another night out, another dance floor" as Kaskade said in Move for Me.

Last night's Kaskade party was simply INSANE. I can't remember the last time I partied this hard - with hands up in the air surrending myself to the beat and just letting loose without a care in the world. It didn't help I was a BIG Kaskade fan and was literally jumping up and down(for more than an hour straight) and singing his songs a meter away (thanks bestbud for leading the way and navigating the crowd =p). Wow! Here's a video of the full 3 hour set collapsed in 3 mins =D Enjoy!

Note to self for the next Embassy DJ event:
1.) Arrive about an hour before the main event to get a good spot (so 11pm).
2.) Gulp down all free drinks before the DJ set (it's usually a watered down Vodka cocktail anyway so pretty easy to finish).
3.) Go to the bathroom while DJ is setting up.
4.) Get 2 bottles of beer instead of 1 because the bar's impossible to penetrate once the set starts.
5.) Bring something for DJ to autograph.

1 comment:

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