June 25, 2009

Eat. Drink. Be Amaltery!

What's the best way to cap off a fabulous meal? Dessert? Drinks? Why not both?

Pau and I discovered
Amaltery after pasalubong shopping in Central World(Bangkok) a couple of weeks ago. At first glance it looked like a small bar in the middle of a posh mall but to my pleasant surprise, Amaltery was all about ALCOHOLIC ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect for sweet toothed alcoholics like, well, most of my friends haha (ehem!) The frozen cocktails are named after songs like Killing Me Softly, Fly Me to the Moon and I Will Survive (Doesn't really make sense in terms of music genre. I guess just personal favorites of the owner?).

I wonder why this concept hasn't reached us yet. Someone sign up for a franchise quick!

Oh, and of course, the taste did not disappoint at all. Yum yum yum!

left: Son of A Preacher Man (tequila, peach schnapps, midori sorbet)
right: I Sat A Little Prayer (vodka, midori, mimosa sorbet)

What? Just 5% alcohol!?

How to eat ice cream with tequila

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