March 30, 2009

Week 3: Down the Easter Road

Jagged Pieces

Broken, like glass that’s fallen, that's what I am, 
into pieces, a thousand fragments, broken by 
every shattered dream and every time I fail, 
every word of anger, each time hate prevails. 
And though glass can cut like nails 

still You pick up these jagged pieces 
though they wound You with pain and pride. 
You soothe them beneath Your fingers 
and comfort this broken child. 

Turning, I keep on trying to run away 
like these pieces, these pieces blown by the winds of shame 
every time I hear that who I am is wrong, 
Every time I feel that I may not belong, 
still You call me with Your song 

and You gather these scattered pieces, 
ever seeking the ones that hide. 
You bring them back together, 
remaking this broken child. 

Too often I’ve run away, and too often I’ve hid my face; 
too seldom, I’ve sought your boundless embrace. 

So I’ll offer these broken pieces 
each day I’ll bring them where You reside 
and rest there, safe in Your presence 
forever, Your broken child. 
Your broken, beloved child.

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