March 29, 2009

Drink List 3.29.09

Social lubricants on hand: Tequila, Margarita mix, Vodka(chocolate and regular), 151, Spice Rum, Baileys, Shakers, Tequila Rose, Ice Cream (chocolate and vanilla), Coke & Sprite
Drinks completed: 9/11
Crowd favorite: Mexican Sprite
New personal favorite: Christer Petterson
Number of red faces: 4/24
Practical joke of the night: Experimenting new concoctions on innocent(but willing) subject and watching his face turn sour.
New faces: 1 - buffed gym owner
Surreal moment: singing difficult a cappella arrangements in the middle of the night.
Hours bartending: 4
Bartending job offers received: 1
Favorite morning after sms: Ouch. Still hung over. You have one? It will be a while until I try your crazy drinks again bestbud! Hehe had a blast!

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