March 13, 2009

Beach drink in the city

One way to beat the almost 40 deg summer heat is to cool down with a refreshing smoothie. Since Jonas(Boracay) is too far away, Stock Market's Virgin Pina Colada will have to do for now. And the only reason I compare this drink to Jonas is because its the only smoothie I've tasted so far that literally lets your mind wander to the beach after the first sip. I'm not kidding! It's really that refreshing!!! (insert sound of mouth watering...). 

Stock Market is in Q3 of Bonifacio High Street, Fort Global City.


Migs said...

Jonah's is so beach alright - but sadly, parang panay powedered milk na lang lately :(

jampackedbear said...

Lost =( Ok pa rin basta spiked hehehe