December 9, 2008

Macau: How Suite!

Thanks to my recent career win I'm now living the Royal Suite life FOR FREE at The Venetian, Macau. Think of a giant theme park but take away the rides, concessionares and street perfomers and replace them with a casino, ultra luxury retail outlets and singing gondoliers. This place is so big guests are given a MAP upon check-in. I had to navigate my way around the casino floor to get to my wing. Wait I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's save the whole Venetian experience for my next entry. Right now its all about MY suite. My split level, 60sqm house for the next four days. Yahoo!!!

My dresser. Cyempre its filled with Olay prods na now haha

My sala, business center and bar =)

And how about my queen-sized bed with canopy?
Kinda comfy too.

I actually have more pics but I think you get the idea already. AHLAVET!!! Thanks bosses! I'm preparing myself already for whats in exchange when I get back =p

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