December 2, 2008

If I were... a beach bum

Well actually I was a Boracay beach bum at some point in 2007. Can't wait to hit the beach again to welcome 2009!

Since were on the topic, Mariel sent me and Pau this survey for Smiles (Cebu Pacific in-flight magazine). Here is my "insider's guide" to the island.


Trivia (what the city is known for):Best white sand beach this side of the world!

Touchdown (how to travel from airport to city center): Resorts usually offer transfer packages but you can also get PUV coupons just outside the Arrival Terminal. This takes care of the 10 min tricycle ride from the airport to the Caticlan boat jetty plus and 20 min bangka ride to the island. Be prepared to shell out extra for government taxes and tips for porters.

By Day(a sightseeing place, food stall): Its best to just lounge/sunbath/chill at your resort cabana during the day. Happy hour for most resorts start at 1pm!

By Night(words a good restaurant or club): When the sun starts to set, walk along the beach and head for the restaurants in DMall. Most hangout places are concentrated in that area. You can go from dinner to dessert to drinks to midnight snacks without having to walk around too much.

Sleep(hotel or other recommended accommodations): Located between Discovery Shores and Seawind, SUR offers the best package among the resorts beyond Willy's Rock(or Station 1). The resort not only guarantees clean homey accomodations and friendly service, the location also takes you away from the noisy tourists and crowded beaches on the other side of White Beach.

Local Life
1. Best breakfast: SUR's longganisa breakfast

2. Best Night Out: A good place to enjoy each other's company without having to shout your entire conversation is Cafe del Mar. If its dancing you're looking for then head over to Hey Jude! If that's not enough check out the 15 Shots Challenge at Cocomanggas.

3. Must eat: Some say its the choriburger and isaw but I think it Jonah's Banana Chocolate Rhum Shake.

4. Must buy: You can't leave Boracay without some sort of accessory. Be it beads, semi-prescious stone, shells or a henna tattoo.

5. Insider's Tip: If you want to go for a boat ride around the island or get a massage, get the accredited ones from the resort.

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