December 22, 2008

Fuss over my ID pic

While emptying my bag in front of some friends last Friday, I accidentally exposed my horrible horrible company ID picture. Of course the moment they picked it up and saw the pic I could immediately read the 1 million thought balloons popping from floor to ceiling. No, I'm not posting a copy of that ID pic. Thank god I don't have a digital copy of it =p

"Is that really you? Congratulations!"

What the??? Am I that different now? I used to be a slave to capitalists ok? =p

I guess aside from the okray factor going through their heads they mustn't have recognized my formal glasses
(I kinda miss wearing glasses) and tie pic. Hmph! Just for that I've decided to post pics of how I used to go to work in the old days. Haha!

me in glasses/tie #1

me in a glasses/tie #2

me in a glasses/tie #3


Anonymous said...

shucks, ang gwapo mo... lalo sa second pic. Pwede ka bang ligawan?

private said...

hi....come here...i im borring

private said...

hi..come here