November 10, 2008

My possibility of winning

Talk about unexpected rewards. Today I got my very first (and hopefully not the last) career-related award! (Clap! Clap! Pat on the back!) Who would have thought? I definitely didn't see this coming. It wasn't anything I set my mind on and definitely not something I nominated myself for. I thought my work output was great and deserved some type of compensation but not as big as winning the annual excellence award (that's not the name of the award but that's kinda the description). Seriously. No false modesty here.

Ok ok. Why make such negative fuss on a good thing right? I should just shut up, stand up and be proud of myself. I'm not complaining mind you. Its just hard for me to convince myself that I deserve such a thing. I guess when you've been surrounded all your life by friends who are 10x more of the achiever than you are, it's hard to think that you too can have the possibility of succeeding anything. Tsk tsk tsk I smell very old issues resurfacing. I really don't know why sometimes I continue to belittle myself despite what I've become and achieved. I should have taken Pau's offer back in college to be hypnotized by Tony Perez in order to solve my self-esteem issues haha.

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