November 4, 2008

mochi mochi anone

As a sucker for desserts, especially cold desserts (yep some desserts are served hot) mochi balls for me rank high up there with frozen brazo de mercedes (Sweet Surrender by Ange! is to die for) and silvanas (secret Cebu silvanas!).

For those who haven't tasted mochi balls yet, imagine a small thin siopao bursting in ice cream filling...heaven. Bite em hot but eat em cold. I tell you, its an foodie experience.
Leave me a trail of mochi balls and you'll sure to find me following any moment haha.

I don't know yet if any brand is trying to mass produce the items locally (Nestle? yuck) but mochi balls are usually available at your local Japanese or Korean grocery (for around P40-P50 for 2 pieces). However if you're in Singapore, you HAVE to check out this stall at the Taka food court...MOCHI HEAVEN!!! Wish there was a way to freeze them so they could survive the three hour flight =( Buti na rin I guess because I would have horded dozens of these everytime haha

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