November 18, 2008

How to purchase Hangad stuff outside Manila

Where can I buy Hangad CDs and Songbooks?

I've probably been asked this question a million times through email, multiply, blogspot or after random singing engagements. The usual answers of course are 1) Tanging Yaman outlets, 2) St. Paul's outlets, 3) House of Praise kiosks and 4) maybe Jesuit Parishes. If you're lucky to catch a Hangad or JesCom show, you'll also find CDs there but that's IF you're lucky =)

OK. But I live in Pampanga, Iloilo, Davao, California, Singapore or Qatar?

NOW It doesn't matter where you're from to get a copy of Hangad's music because the JESUIT COMMUNICATIONS ONLINE STORE is open for business! All you need is your best friend aka Visa/Mastercard or JCB and a reliable internet connection. A few clicks and magic! Hangad on demand!(this has got to be the cheesiest piece of copy I've every written haha =p)

Seriously people, do check out the new Online Store. It works. I promise =) Its the easiest way to get your copy of the new Hangad Noon at Ngayon CD if you don't have it yet =)