November 3, 2008

From an anti-Hangad listener

I was greeted this morning by a post from the Hangad Discussion Boards Louis (aka Hangad Web Admin) copied and sent to the group:

"Honestly, I never really liked Hangad's singing style... I find it a little too show-ish for my taste. I prefer the simplicity of Bukas Palad and Himig Heswita. A friend of mine gave me a copy of this CD as a gift. At first, I wasn't really that thrilled, to be honest. Played it over my laptop and just let it ring in the background while I work on some office stuff (read Boring work). Couple of tracks have played and gone... I thought it was another "usual" Hangad CD - until I heard a very sweet soprano voice singing Maging Akin Muli. Can't remember exactly what happened but I knew I dropped whatever I was doing and listened to Maging Aking Muli - over and over. The rendition has perfectly lived its ultimate goal: to proclaim God's words (effectively). I find myself listening to this song everyday, especially when I get too stressed out with work. This song is my numero uno stress-release tool! Smiley

This is my first account to any choral message board and my very first post. I did this only to thank you guys. I hope you continue to do what you do: inspire and get people like me closer to God.

Special thanks to Mariel (I just learned that you were the one who sang this magical song)! Smiley God Bless Hangad. =)

I am still a Bukas Palad and Himig Heswita fanatic. But Maging Akin Muli of Hangad holds a special place in my heart... Smiley "

Sometimes the magic of Hangad's music really amazes me. Who cares if this guy doesn't prefer Hangad or does not like Hangad at all? This is exactly the difference between show business and ministry. The point isn't to be adored and be made a fan of but to be affected and inspired. As long as there are people who continue to be moved by our music then I guess we don't have a reason to stop singing. I wana find this guy and give him a great big bearhug! =)


dedpish said...


btw, i remember my cd.i still haven't received it yet.*sighs* it's almost been two months.



jampackedbear said...

Emailed you about it a long time ago. DHL couldnt find your address and they're asking you to call them. Let me resend the email.

Daniel Dumas :: PHP Programmer Philippines said...

hehe napakahonest nya i agree with the simplicity of BP and Heswita kaya most of our songs from BP talaga at himig heswita pero ako naman gusto ko style of singing ng hangad mahirap lang yung ibang songs for ordinary parish choir ang gaganda pa naman ng songs niyo medyo complex lang ung iba pang magagaling na choir lang talaga hehe :)

dedpish said...

i'll resend my address.

i didn't receive an email.waaah!


Ronald said...

whether it's hangad, himig heswita or bukas palad.. still i love their songs.. loved their music., and i always love to play them on a piano... :D BTW, blogger here.. :D remember this?