October 7, 2008

Test your skills while looking busy in the office

I recently rediscovered Typer Shark, the typing game that tests and measures your typing skills in accuracy and WPM (words per min). Very nerdy and secretarial but fuuuuunnnn! =p I wish this was how I learned to type in high school instead of that stupid typing class.

Come to think of it, I didn't learn typing in typing class (like I never learned Chinese after 12 years with sian sis, lau shers, penguin and strawberry...inside joke there for Sacred Hearters =p ). Yes my high school freshman curriculum included a subject called TYPING... Ok ok before you get judgemental, this was 1991 in Cebu; when Liquid Paper/Touch and Go were staples in your pencil case (whether tin, plastic or push-button with mirrors and magnifying glass); before the era of Wordstar and Lotus; when Loom, Family Fued and Carmen San Diego were in monochrome. Anyway, once a week back in freshman year, the entire class had to transfer buildings to move to the "typing room" where each of us were assigned an OLD Olympia typewriter. Oh and guess who our typing teacher was, our PE teacher! At his signal we'd start typing " E E E e e e G G G g g g" and in the middle of it all he'd have a fit because he meant " A A A a a a J J J j j j" Ahahahaha! those were the days! (God bless you Mr. Baz wherever you are).

So, going back to Typer Shark, its fun because you find out you can type fast even if you havent been practicing the proper finger placements. It diagnoses your typing skill at the start of the game and tells you which level you're at. You then proceed to play either in Abyss or Adventure mode. Bottomline the objective of the game is to type the words/letters written on the sharks/piranhas coming at you before you get eaten. I'm definitely not a touch typist but my skill level was tagged as "Expert" Lahvet! Check out the free download here. Dunno if the cracked version is available through torrents but I have the CD with me if you wana borrow :)

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