October 16, 2008

The power of confusion

Man Heroes Season 3 is too much!!! Aside from the usual plot twists and nail-biting endings, the persona of the characters evolve in leaps and bounds. Honestly, its all starting to get a little bit confusing. Maybe that's what Tim Kring wanted. Confuse everyone by crossing space/time dimensions, killing major characters, resurrecting dead ones, making heroes villains and villains heroes, bring back old powers, introduce new abilities....What's next? Alternate universes? Demigods? Robots? Well whatever happens, the goal is still about "saving the world". No more cheerleader though. I think "Save the cheerleader. Save the world" got a little old. Besides, Claire Bennet can't be a cheerleader forever right? Can't wait for episode 6 next week!

Here are torrent links of the first 5 episodes in case you started on Season 3 yet :)
episode 0
episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4
episode 5

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