October 29, 2008

Not the chinese breakfast I was thinking

In my never ending quest to find the best breakfast in my part of Salcedo Village, I ended up in Paseo Center this morning at a restaurant called Soho Teahouse. I figured if the place didn't have the usual set of silogs (tap, tos, bas, corn, etc...) then it would have at least Dimsum (Siomai is my middle name =p)and some other oriental stuff. But no, what I saw in their menu was a breakfast first. Aside from beef tapa with egg and bangus with egg, they had porkchop with egg and fried chicken with egg. Umm I thought this was Chinese restaurant not Indonesian. Anyway, I went for the safest order which was the beef tapa with egg and I got a side order of siomai just in case ... The cashier punched my order, gave me my number and my coffee in a discolored plastic yellow cup.

When my food arrived I was about to pat myself on the back for ordering the right thing. The beef slices looked big and burnt just the way I like my tapa. But no!!!! When I took my first bite I realized this piece of meat wasn't tapa...it was Chinese Beef steak!!! Grrrr. Porckshop, fried chicken and beef steak for breakfast??? Is the bangus steamed fish? Welcome to chinese food leftover central!

Good thing the siomai was fresh and quite good. Siomai saves the day!

So how many times did I mention siomai in this entry?
siomai! siomai! siomai! siomai! siomai!

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