October 18, 2008

Jolens and Hangad?

I found out this week that JMM was producing its 1Mth CD of rehashed materials and that this time its going to be a pop chirstmas album. Apparently "To Where You Are" was picked from the Pasko Naming Hangad CD and will be recorded by Jolina. That should be interesting. Can she do a Carol Banawa for Panunumpa?


Ages ago, during a time filled with uncertainty and despair, three wise men set out on a journey across the desert. Traveling on this desolate path enveloped by unrelenting darkness, they had nothing else to guide them but a bright, magnificent star looming high above. And in that heavenly light they found hope, for they knew this light would lead them to their Savior, the newborn King.

“Where You Are” draws inspiration from the Holy Light that led the three Magi to their King. Sung by three soloists in a contemporary pop style, this song reminds us that even in the blackest of nights, the Light of the Lord will shine forth, beckoning us closer to Him.

Where You Are - Various Artists

When moonless nights
Upon me fall
I pray my soul
To dream of the star
That has called me from so far away

And in my sleep
Shall come before me
Visions of Light
Above me shining
Whispering softly
It’s calling out my name

But should my rest be sleepless
And should the nights be long
Falter not, oh spirit
Rise and journey on

When I find myself lost deep in the night
All I’d do is look up into the desert sky
And a star so bright will be my guide
To where you are
The only place I want to be is where you are

Guide me through paths
I’ve never been to
Oh light of heaven
Oh angels’ kin
Let this journey end
And let my destiny begin

What angels wait for me
In that blessed scene
What praise will my soul sing
To my newborn king

The only place I want to be
is where you are

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