October 12, 2008

geek mouse alert

The next time you find yourself shopping for a mouse for you laptop, DONT be fooled by the Logitech's corded optical notebook mouse. Let's just say its greatest asset is also its greatest weakness. Priced affordably compared to other brands(and I think compared to other models as well), this unit's cords can be wound up around its body for the greatest of ease in transporting. Nice right? Really handy for the mobile notebook user. BUT, because of this particular design, the cord gives way easily from too much twisting so you're stuck with dead weight. Believe me, I bought two of these babies and I ended up disposing both of them for the same reason. I guess my fault na rin for falling in love with the design so much. Sucker. My advice is to invest in a good wireless optical mouse instead. A bit pricey but worth every cent. Come to think of it, do non-optical mice still exist?

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