October 17, 2008

The best chainmail...ever!

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Raymund del Rosario said...

Good day, James!

Hi! I'm not a blogspot user and I'm not familiar with its navigation so I just tried to reach you through this comment page.

I was referred by Meechee Ricohermoso to your blogspot site so I may download Minus-ones that I need for my sister's wedding. I'm trying to download "Gospel Acclamation & Alleluia" and "Doxology & Great Amen" but it won't allow me. I tried downloading another song and it's working. It's only with these two that I'm having a problem. Is there another way that I can download these two songs?

Lastly, I hope this is not too much, but do you have a minus-one for "Paghahandog" by any chance? I want to sing it at my sister's wedding but I could not find a minus-one for it.

Thank you for sharing Hangad's music. I am touched by your and your singing group's generosity. More blessings to you and your loved ones. More power to Hangad!

I'll be elated to hear from you, either here or through my e-mail: sort_of_disappear@yahoo.com


Raymund del Rosario
Pasig City