October 30, 2008

Look whos on 0:17

Grabe na. Pau ba't di ka kasama sa last frame with the three girls? =)

October 29, 2008

Test your gay linggo!

Couldn't resist the test!!! Thanks Stan!

60% ang nakuha mo, ateng!

Pwede na. Pero kung bakla ka, either closeta ka o kulang ka sa sense of humor. Loosen up, ate. Life is short.

Gay Lingo Fun Quiz
Take More Quizzes

Hmm...Siguro kulang ako sa sense of humor ahahahahahaha!Lavet!

Not the chinese breakfast I was thinking

In my never ending quest to find the best breakfast in my part of Salcedo Village, I ended up in Paseo Center this morning at a restaurant called Soho Teahouse. I figured if the place didn't have the usual set of silogs (tap, tos, bas, corn, etc...) then it would have at least Dimsum (Siomai is my middle name =p)and some other oriental stuff. But no, what I saw in their menu was a breakfast first. Aside from beef tapa with egg and bangus with egg, they had porkchop with egg and fried chicken with egg. Umm I thought this was Chinese restaurant not Indonesian. Anyway, I went for the safest order which was the beef tapa with egg and I got a side order of siomai just in case ... The cashier punched my order, gave me my number and my coffee in a discolored plastic yellow cup.

When my food arrived I was about to pat myself on the back for ordering the right thing. The beef slices looked big and burnt just the way I like my tapa. But no!!!! When I took my first bite I realized this piece of meat wasn't tapa...it was Chinese Beef steak!!! Grrrr. Porckshop, fried chicken and beef steak for breakfast??? Is the bangus steamed fish? Welcome to chinese food leftover central!

Good thing the siomai was fresh and quite good. Siomai saves the day!

So how many times did I mention siomai in this entry?
siomai! siomai! siomai! siomai! siomai!

October 28, 2008

I'm #1 So Why Try Harder?

Or so says this guy's sexey shirt. Hmm the word "sexey" kinda reminds me of the Hairy Scottsman from Austin Powers. Eww. Anyway,

After drowning myself in Electronica over the weekend I thought of revisiting my stash of Electronica CDs to dig up and maybe find out what stuff I lack when, there they were, outshone by the glitzy and ditsy Hed Kandi covers, were my FatBoy Slims. Way before I was started following Moby, Kaskade and the others, FatBoy Slim was my staple...Star 69, Song for Shelter, I See You Baby, Praise You...I think I stopped listening to him after Palookaville because none of the tracks hooked me. Apparently, according to Mr. Wiki, that was also kinda his last album. So I guess this means I didn't miss anything then haha.

If this is the first time you're hearing about FatBoy Slim here's something for your education. S
pare 5 mins for the Praise You video. Let's reenact it together =p

Daft Punk you're next.

October 27, 2008

My first Fisheye2 roll!

Looking forward to the Chirstmas holidays so I can practice more of my Fisheye2. Need to master the color splash more and I still have trouble holding still. Oh well... I also got b/w 120s for my Holga I'm itching to have fun with. Can't waaaaaiiiiit!

Brand Camp: Budget Cut Barbecue

October 26, 2008

More Glorietta Food Choices advertisers please!

One sure sign that no other advertiser is interested in a particular outdoor space is when you see the same material in the same placement for 2 years in a row. In the case of my example below, this old old OLD banner has been in the Glorietta foodcourt for ages. I really don't mind if it were any other material, but this...? Errrr.....I hate it! It was novel at first but to see it over and over and over again is ... sigh. I'll leave it up to you to figure out why I'm so sick of seeing this piece of .....

Joanna/Bea/Jenny, we should have charged TF for this if we knew this campaign was going to last forever.

The right context

Talk about the right message at the right context. Congratulations to Coke and its ad agency for having the brains(and guts) to come up with this print ad. I think the new Selecta campaign ("Daddy") would fit in this section as well.

October 23, 2008

Food and Monotheism

At least the baker was religious enough not to sin against the 1st commandment (literally) haha

October 21, 2008

Christmas minus1s uploaded

Minus 1s from Pasko Naming Hangad and A Wish For Christmas are now available for download! Scroll down to "Downloadable Hangad Stuff" and click away.

If you're viewing this entry from Multiply. Click here to jump to my Blogger account.

October 20, 2008

What Dreams May Come - An Advent Recollection on St. Joseph with Bishop Chito Tagle

During Advent, we prepare to celebrate and worship the Child Emmanuel and the Virgin Mother. But what about the Head of the Holy Family, St. Joseph?

We seldom recollect how St. Joseph made the difficult decision to take in Mary as his wife after the Angel of the Lord told him in a dream that the Virgin Mother was carrying the Child of God.

We rarely praise St. Joseph for his heroism: he saved the pregnant Mary from being stoned to death by the townsfolk. We always seem to forget: St. Joseph took care of the Mother and the Child and protected them.

This Advent, let us look back at the moment when St. Joseph had a dream that ultimately led to the salvation of humankind.


What Dreams May Come
A Special Advent Recollection on St. Joseph
with Bishop Chito Tagle

Sunday, December 14, 2008
8:30 am to 12:00 noon
Church of the Gesu
Ateneo de Manila University

Proceeds of the Recollection will fund Bishop Tagle's media evangelization work.

For ticket reservations and inquiries, call CATHY at (02) 426.5971 to 72 local 111.

October 18, 2008

Jolens and Hangad?

I found out this week that JMM was producing its 1Mth CD of rehashed materials and that this time its going to be a pop chirstmas album. Apparently "To Where You Are" was picked from the Pasko Naming Hangad CD and will be recorded by Jolina. That should be interesting. Can she do a Carol Banawa for Panunumpa?


Ages ago, during a time filled with uncertainty and despair, three wise men set out on a journey across the desert. Traveling on this desolate path enveloped by unrelenting darkness, they had nothing else to guide them but a bright, magnificent star looming high above. And in that heavenly light they found hope, for they knew this light would lead them to their Savior, the newborn King.

“Where You Are” draws inspiration from the Holy Light that led the three Magi to their King. Sung by three soloists in a contemporary pop style, this song reminds us that even in the blackest of nights, the Light of the Lord will shine forth, beckoning us closer to Him.

Where You Are - Various Artists

When moonless nights
Upon me fall
I pray my soul
To dream of the star
That has called me from so far away

And in my sleep
Shall come before me
Visions of Light
Above me shining
Whispering softly
It’s calling out my name

But should my rest be sleepless
And should the nights be long
Falter not, oh spirit
Rise and journey on

When I find myself lost deep in the night
All I’d do is look up into the desert sky
And a star so bright will be my guide
To where you are
The only place I want to be is where you are

Guide me through paths
I’ve never been to
Oh light of heaven
Oh angels’ kin
Let this journey end
And let my destiny begin

What angels wait for me
In that blessed scene
What praise will my soul sing
To my newborn king

The only place I want to be
is where you are

October 16, 2008

The power of confusion

Man Heroes Season 3 is too much!!! Aside from the usual plot twists and nail-biting endings, the persona of the characters evolve in leaps and bounds. Honestly, its all starting to get a little bit confusing. Maybe that's what Tim Kring wanted. Confuse everyone by crossing space/time dimensions, killing major characters, resurrecting dead ones, making heroes villains and villains heroes, bring back old powers, introduce new abilities....What's next? Alternate universes? Demigods? Robots? Well whatever happens, the goal is still about "saving the world". No more cheerleader though. I think "Save the cheerleader. Save the world" got a little old. Besides, Claire Bennet can't be a cheerleader forever right? Can't wait for episode 6 next week!

Here are torrent links of the first 5 episodes in case you started on Season 3 yet :)
episode 0
episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4
episode 5

October 15, 2008

Juday and the Pussycat

Would you rather be a glam(???) celebrity like Juday or vampy edgy Nicole? Its like Barbie vs Bratz. Whatever. I'm sticking the the world's number 1 anti-dandruff shampoo. 10000000 points to whoever knows what brand that is =p

October 14, 2008

October 12, 2008

Holga's Wall

Thanks to Nikolai, my Holga Lomo, I've installed my first Lomo collage. Can't wait to fill this wall with my Fisheye 2 pics =)

geek mouse alert

The next time you find yourself shopping for a mouse for you laptop, DONT be fooled by the Logitech's corded optical notebook mouse. Let's just say its greatest asset is also its greatest weakness. Priced affordably compared to other brands(and I think compared to other models as well), this unit's cords can be wound up around its body for the greatest of ease in transporting. Nice right? Really handy for the mobile notebook user. BUT, because of this particular design, the cord gives way easily from too much twisting so you're stuck with dead weight. Believe me, I bought two of these babies and I ended up disposing both of them for the same reason. I guess my fault na rin for falling in love with the design so much. Sucker. My advice is to invest in a good wireless optical mouse instead. A bit pricey but worth every cent. Come to think of it, do non-optical mice still exist?

October 11, 2008


Reposting Olay PR from Paulophonic

Filipina women who have experienced and loved leading anti-ageing line Olay Regenerist from their trips in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia and Singapore can now get their anti-ageing fix closer to home as skin care brand Olay launches Olay Regenerist in the Philippines this November.

And this October, Filipina women will even have the chance to try it before it hits the stores through the Olay Regenerist One-Day Pre-Sale to be held during mall hours on October 18 at SM Makati Department Store, SM Megamall Department Store, SM North EDSA Department Store, Watsons SM Mall of Asia, and Watsons SM Cebu North Wing.

Olay Regenerist represents a revolution in anti-ageing as it goes beyond skin care to cell care, giving women dramatically younger looking skin. Inspired by clinical treatments, it helps regenerate your skin at the cellular level through its unique amino-peptide complex, which penetrates and renews skin cell by cell.

Four Olay Regenerist products will be available during the Pre-Sale: Regenerating Serum (50 mL); Regenerating Cream, with SPF 15 (50g); Night Firming Cream (50g); and Eye Lifting Serum (15 mL). Each of these products is priced at Php999.

Since stocks of Olay Regenerist will be limited during the Pre-Sale, women are encouraged to sign up for the Pre-Sale Priority List at www.olay.com.ph, or with the Olay Beauty Consultants at the five Pre-Sale stores. From 10 AM to 2 PM on October 18, the Pre-Sale will be open exclusively to those on the priority list. From 2 PM onwards, the Pre-Sale will be open to the public.

Olay made its anti-ageing debut in the Philippines in 2006, when it introduced Olay Total Effects, which fights 7 signs of skin ageing in just 1 bottle. Regenerist is the skin care brand’s premium anti-ageing line, known around the world for its ability to dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles. Its exclusive amino-peptide complex beautifully regenerates skin cells so skin looks, feels and behaves more like new skin.

October 10, 2008


Talk about perfect timing! I was thinking a couple of nights ago of buying myself another Lomo for Christmas. Imagine how positively emotional I got when I read about the Lomo sale offered by www.lomographicembassymanila.com. YAHOOOOO! I'm coming for you Fisheye!!!

Click on the image to enlarge and read the finer print.

October 8, 2008

Reminiscing someone else's childhood

Hiding behind Raffles Hotel along Seoh Street in Singapore is the cozy 5-story toy musuem MINT. Supposedly the "world's first purpose-built toy museum", it showcases popular action figures, dolls and collectibles from countries like Japan, US, UK, Singapore and other countries.

Show your passport and get 20% discount on the entrance plus food voucher.
Some food voucher though, the only thing I could afford with it was a can of Coke =p

Irona(Richie Rich) and Rosie's (Jetsons) relatives.

The first Shrek daw.

You'll find the place interesting if you grew up playing with the likes of Tintin, Popeye, Flintstones, James Bond, Million Dollar Man, Voltes V, Voltron, Superman, Batman and other heroes. A lot these characters are on display with corresponding labels stating country of origin and net value. Though overall the collection is fine, it lacks some of the popular brands like Disney, Lego, Transformers, Tonka or Barbie. Would have been interesting to see them mixed with the current inventory. Actually, now that I think about it, it would have been so cool if they had the complete Mask, G.I Joe, He-Man and Silverhawks. Or if they had an Atari or Nintendo Room. Or something like "Ethnic Asian toys" room. Oh well. They did have a sizeable collection of Matchboxes on display which I liked.

Dolls from the UK. How very politically correct!

So that's why they're called Matchbox cars.

Overall I don't think its a place most Filipino kids will be able to relate to. Even if its a "toy museum" its more for the parents (particularly the dad) than the kids. Well maybe it'll be somekinda educational na rin to show kids nowadays what toys were being played before all things electronic.


007 Rubber Bands as a museum item? We used to have tons of em in Cebu.

la lang.

October 7, 2008

Test your skills while looking busy in the office

I recently rediscovered Typer Shark, the typing game that tests and measures your typing skills in accuracy and WPM (words per min). Very nerdy and secretarial but fuuuuunnnn! =p I wish this was how I learned to type in high school instead of that stupid typing class.

Come to think of it, I didn't learn typing in typing class (like I never learned Chinese after 12 years with sian sis, lau shers, penguin and strawberry...inside joke there for Sacred Hearters =p ). Yes my high school freshman curriculum included a subject called TYPING... Ok ok before you get judgemental, this was 1991 in Cebu; when Liquid Paper/Touch and Go were staples in your pencil case (whether tin, plastic or push-button with mirrors and magnifying glass); before the era of Wordstar and Lotus; when Loom, Family Fued and Carmen San Diego were in monochrome. Anyway, once a week back in freshman year, the entire class had to transfer buildings to move to the "typing room" where each of us were assigned an OLD Olympia typewriter. Oh and guess who our typing teacher was, our PE teacher! At his signal we'd start typing " E E E e e e G G G g g g" and in the middle of it all he'd have a fit because he meant " A A A a a a J J J j j j" Ahahahaha! those were the days! (God bless you Mr. Baz wherever you are).

So, going back to Typer Shark, its fun because you find out you can type fast even if you havent been practicing the proper finger placements. It diagnoses your typing skill at the start of the game and tells you which level you're at. You then proceed to play either in Abyss or Adventure mode. Bottomline the objective of the game is to type the words/letters written on the sharks/piranhas coming at you before you get eaten. I'm definitely not a touch typist but my skill level was tagged as "Expert" Lahvet! Check out the free download here. Dunno if the cracked version is available through torrents but I have the CD with me if you wana borrow :)

October 2, 2008

The Next Lomo?

If you think using a Lomo is going back to basics, then check out this do-it-yourself pinhole camera from Chocosho.

"The STD-35 is the pinhole camera with an innovative light tight clamshell design. Made in Japan and packaged by Noted, the STD-35 is designed to be easy to build, use, and durable enough for lasting use. The kit comes with super tough 1mm thick black paperboard parts for the camera body and plastic spools to advance and rewind the film. It assembles in 1 to 2 hours without cutting or glue. Finished size 110mm W x 70mm H x 32 mm D. "

October 1, 2008

Hair advertising made simple

No matter how ugly, popular or beautiful the owner of the full head of hair(s) below was, she sure made a very good endorsement.