September 19, 2008

Whats happening to 86236?

Its been hell trying to get through the McDonald's delivery hotline for a couple of weeks now. While its good for me because its deliberately keeping me away from eating fastfood, its also a hassle when you need a quicky affordable meal and the only other option left is Jollibee (eww). Yeah I know there are a lot of food deliveries out there but my experience with McDo is the most consistent (and satisfactory) one.

My next fav food delivery is Next Door Ortigas (6378163 cheap, fast and delicious Chinese food!). Yellow Cab (EDSA Central branch 6389999) is also great for pizza cravings. Wham! in Shang ri-la Plaza (6342093) is another yummy burger option. Tried ordering from Amici de Don Bosco once and it wasn't quite as satisfying. I think Kenny Rogers has the worst delivery service I've ever experienced. Hmm by now its pretty obvious I have a directory of restos with me. Its captured in my Nokia phonebook as "FOOD" =p. God I suddenly miss home cooking!! Someday when I'm rich I'll get myself a real cook =)

Anyway, back to McDo. This morning I was determined to get a longganisa meal and figured 86236 (McDonalds delivery number) couldnt be congested at this hour (Its 7am and I'm already in the office. I hate coding days!). After 10 mins of queuing (yes I wanted my longganisa that bad) I finally got through. At first I thought my call was routed to one of the branches because the operator sounded like one of the girls at the counter. Then I realized I wasn't. It was really the 86236 operator. I guess I was just used to McDonalds operators with respectable grammar and diction...get it? Maybe when Golden Arches decided to upgrade their delivery system(which explains the congested lines) they downgraded their staff. Well not that I'm complaining. As long as I get my longganisa meal in 30 mins I don't care who I talk to.

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