September 26, 2008

The Morning After

Where do I begin?

A couple of weeks ago Mariss asked me to represent the team in the second annual industry-wide singing competition - Agency Idol is what they call it. We won the title last year(Go Mark!!!) and was looking for someone to defend it. I really didn't agree to it at first for several reasons. For one I felt I was too old for such a thing, next I don't consider myself a performer and lastly I'm not really a singers singer. What I mean by that is I'm not used to singing/performing to impress others (which I think is fundamental in showbiz). Yeah yeah I've been singing with Hangad for more than 10 years now but its different. Ministry is so not showbiz.

Anyway, because I love Mariss and I love my team (and because I knew no one else would volunteer. Besides, this was my chance to fulfill my secret American Idol fantasies which I know will never come true with Hangad =p) I ended up agreeing to the thingy. The organizers made us draw lots on the genre we were going to sing and I was assigned to Ballad. I immediately knew I didn't want to sing the typical cliche tacky birit Filipino ballads of the Bagong Kampeons of the world so I picked a song which I felt gave me an edge - No Air. There were some good No Air covers in Youtube which Pau and I used for reference and put our spin to the material.

Fastforward to contest day, Sept 25. After hearing and studying my "competitors" during soundcheck, I kinda felt I had a chance. I came in pretty confident during my number. I liked what I was wearing (love my new jacket!), I was comfortable on the stage, the crowd didnt intimidate me, I was ready with my interpretation (from the cresendos to my hand movements to my enunciation). My goal was just to make it to the final 3 and sing my second kick-ass song PLUSH... but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. The judges mistook my tenderness as nervousness, my use of the stage worked to my disadvantage and (gasp) they were talking to be as if I was another wannabe. I wanted to grab the mic and explain myself (like how Idol finalists talk back to Simon) but I figured it was not worth it. So I took it like a pro and just flashed my biggest Agency Idol hopeful smile, gestured to my officemates and Pau for cheering and walked off the stage. If it was any consolation I got a strong nudge from one of the eyecandy hosts while the judges were commenting hahaha.

I think I've been watching too many reality competitions because all that was flashing in my head while walking off the stage a non-winner were stuff like "I had fun and got to sing my heart out"(from American Idol), "all I wanted was a chance to compete" (American Idol), "there wasn't enough time but the journey was worth it" (from Amazing Race), "Avidassen" (Project Runway) and "I don't feel Tyra picked the right photo but I'll defnitely continue modelling"....what the?! HAHAHAHA Too much ANTM in my head.

Seriously, all I could think of and gesture on stage at that point was just ONE BIG THANK YOU to Carat for the best cheers (with banner!) and Paulo(for being the best accompanist) for really being there. Yeah it would have been nice to win but the love showered on me last night made me feel I didn't need to win (naks!) Cheesy but true. I think I was the only non-qualifier last night who was sincerely smiling and clapping after the announcement. I thought I'd launch into drama mode after the event but I discovered I was just REALLY TIRED and HUNGRY. After dinner I felt back to normal (oh yes! FOOD SOLVES EVERYTHING!). Either I'm really manhid or I'm just really grounded haha

Singing is already a career for me, just the more meaningful type. I didn't need a singing competition to tell me that =)

So there, I knew the whole experience wouldnt be complete if I didn't blog about it. How often do you get to experience such a thing? I couldn't sleep last night not because I was sore loser but because I was excited to blog about it. Pictures and video(hopefully meron) to follow soon =)


Jayme said...

Love you Jamessssss! :)

Jayme said...

Love you Jamessssss! :)