September 23, 2008

Marriage of Convenience

I admire people who step out of their comfort zone to figure out what they want in life, what they want to be, who they are, who they want and how to get there. Life is definitely more interesting when you have the guts. And I'm not talking about "guts" in the obvious sense like extreme sports but life altering existential decisions. Sometimes we blame people and society for "holding us back" when in reality it is our own personal cowardice that keeping us from being true to ourselves. Nothing is more sorry than a marriage of convenience - be it career-wise or relationship-wise.

To Blue who is coming to terms, we're here for you buddy!

To Yellow who is too lazy to look for his own relationship, get out some more.
To Green who said yes, set yourself up for disappointment.
To Maroon who has a goal, you should run for office dude.
To Aqua, I'd like to get to know you more.
To Carnation, its time to quit your job.
To Lime, the kitchen is calling!
To Orange who likes Red, wake up and be a real man!
To Tan, don't be so hard to get.
To Gold, when will you ever be happy with your career?
To Burgundy, stop waiting for him to come back because he wont.
To Purple who just entered into a relationship, good luck in bed friend.
To Brown who thinks he likes Violet, lets see where this goes.
To Silver who likes Black and is seeing Grey but wants White, you can't have them all =p

(For those trying to figure out who these are...GOOD LUCK! haha)

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