September 30, 2008

ANTM classic blonde moment

Hahaha! OMG this clip from the latest season of ANTM really cracked me up. Clark, the girl in video, is talking about her frustration in having to model a concept she doesnt understand - Bureaucracy. Well, even if the concept was "hard" it was the way she complained about it thats funny. Jessica Simpson is that you? Total blonde moment.

Strobelight Seduction

My favorite playlist now from one of my party music heroes - Kaskade. STROBELIGHT SEDUCTION. Totally LOVE the name.

September 28, 2008

Singing with The Symphony

Our guest choir for the September 7 show all the way from Pampanga =)


Ama Namin

Now We Remain

Umawit Kayo/Bayan Magsiawit Medley

September 27, 2008

Street Fighter: The Later Years

I didn't really play Street Fighter at the height of its popularity but I know enough of the characters to enjoy this "movie". Have fun!

September 26, 2008

Morning After part 3

Here's my attempt at contemporary mainstream. Be nice!!! =p

Morning After part 2

Thanks Cham and Gelo for the pics!!!

The Morning After

Where do I begin?

A couple of weeks ago Mariss asked me to represent the team in the second annual industry-wide singing competition - Agency Idol is what they call it. We won the title last year(Go Mark!!!) and was looking for someone to defend it. I really didn't agree to it at first for several reasons. For one I felt I was too old for such a thing, next I don't consider myself a performer and lastly I'm not really a singers singer. What I mean by that is I'm not used to singing/performing to impress others (which I think is fundamental in showbiz). Yeah yeah I've been singing with Hangad for more than 10 years now but its different. Ministry is so not showbiz.

Anyway, because I love Mariss and I love my team (and because I knew no one else would volunteer. Besides, this was my chance to fulfill my secret American Idol fantasies which I know will never come true with Hangad =p) I ended up agreeing to the thingy. The organizers made us draw lots on the genre we were going to sing and I was assigned to Ballad. I immediately knew I didn't want to sing the typical cliche tacky birit Filipino ballads of the Bagong Kampeons of the world so I picked a song which I felt gave me an edge - No Air. There were some good No Air covers in Youtube which Pau and I used for reference and put our spin to the material.

Fastforward to contest day, Sept 25. After hearing and studying my "competitors" during soundcheck, I kinda felt I had a chance. I came in pretty confident during my number. I liked what I was wearing (love my new jacket!), I was comfortable on the stage, the crowd didnt intimidate me, I was ready with my interpretation (from the cresendos to my hand movements to my enunciation). My goal was just to make it to the final 3 and sing my second kick-ass song PLUSH... but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. The judges mistook my tenderness as nervousness, my use of the stage worked to my disadvantage and (gasp) they were talking to be as if I was another wannabe. I wanted to grab the mic and explain myself (like how Idol finalists talk back to Simon) but I figured it was not worth it. So I took it like a pro and just flashed my biggest Agency Idol hopeful smile, gestured to my officemates and Pau for cheering and walked off the stage. If it was any consolation I got a strong nudge from one of the eyecandy hosts while the judges were commenting hahaha.

I think I've been watching too many reality competitions because all that was flashing in my head while walking off the stage a non-winner were stuff like "I had fun and got to sing my heart out"(from American Idol), "all I wanted was a chance to compete" (American Idol), "there wasn't enough time but the journey was worth it" (from Amazing Race), "Avidassen" (Project Runway) and "I don't feel Tyra picked the right photo but I'll defnitely continue modelling"....what the?! HAHAHAHA Too much ANTM in my head.

Seriously, all I could think of and gesture on stage at that point was just ONE BIG THANK YOU to Carat for the best cheers (with banner!) and Paulo(for being the best accompanist) for really being there. Yeah it would have been nice to win but the love showered on me last night made me feel I didn't need to win (naks!) Cheesy but true. I think I was the only non-qualifier last night who was sincerely smiling and clapping after the announcement. I thought I'd launch into drama mode after the event but I discovered I was just REALLY TIRED and HUNGRY. After dinner I felt back to normal (oh yes! FOOD SOLVES EVERYTHING!). Either I'm really manhid or I'm just really grounded haha

Singing is already a career for me, just the more meaningful type. I didn't need a singing competition to tell me that =)

So there, I knew the whole experience wouldnt be complete if I didn't blog about it. How often do you get to experience such a thing? I couldn't sleep last night not because I was sore loser but because I was excited to blog about it. Pictures and video(hopefully meron) to follow soon =)

September 24, 2008

Suicide University

For the third time this semester, an Atenean takes his own life. What in the world is happening?

September 23, 2008

Got 51 watches? Have closet.

How about this item I found at Its a special Piaget Collector's Trunk. Talk about Imeldific tastes.

"It is made of poplar wood covered with cowhide with palladium-electroplated brass with mirror-polished finish. It holds 51 watches and there is a movement integrated into the center window to wind automatic watches. It comes with a travel case that holds three watches. '

Marriage of Convenience

I admire people who step out of their comfort zone to figure out what they want in life, what they want to be, who they are, who they want and how to get there. Life is definitely more interesting when you have the guts. And I'm not talking about "guts" in the obvious sense like extreme sports but life altering existential decisions. Sometimes we blame people and society for "holding us back" when in reality it is our own personal cowardice that keeping us from being true to ourselves. Nothing is more sorry than a marriage of convenience - be it career-wise or relationship-wise.

To Blue who is coming to terms, we're here for you buddy!

To Yellow who is too lazy to look for his own relationship, get out some more.
To Green who said yes, set yourself up for disappointment.
To Maroon who has a goal, you should run for office dude.
To Aqua, I'd like to get to know you more.
To Carnation, its time to quit your job.
To Lime, the kitchen is calling!
To Orange who likes Red, wake up and be a real man!
To Tan, don't be so hard to get.
To Gold, when will you ever be happy with your career?
To Burgundy, stop waiting for him to come back because he wont.
To Purple who just entered into a relationship, good luck in bed friend.
To Brown who thinks he likes Violet, lets see where this goes.
To Silver who likes Black and is seeing Grey but wants White, you can't have them all =p

(For those trying to figure out who these are...GOOD LUCK! haha)

September 22, 2008

Singing with ACMG

The Ateneo College Ministry Group Choir is a group close to Hangad's heart because it is where a lot of us(around 12 from the active roster alone) trace our roots in terms of ministry. Their presence in the August 31 show really was extra special. So how many more ACMGers do we see in Hangad's future? Hmmm...


Ama Namin

Now We Remain

Umawit Kayo/Bayan Magsiawit Medley

September 19, 2008

Whats happening to 86236?

Its been hell trying to get through the McDonald's delivery hotline for a couple of weeks now. While its good for me because its deliberately keeping me away from eating fastfood, its also a hassle when you need a quicky affordable meal and the only other option left is Jollibee (eww). Yeah I know there are a lot of food deliveries out there but my experience with McDo is the most consistent (and satisfactory) one.

My next fav food delivery is Next Door Ortigas (6378163 cheap, fast and delicious Chinese food!). Yellow Cab (EDSA Central branch 6389999) is also great for pizza cravings. Wham! in Shang ri-la Plaza (6342093) is another yummy burger option. Tried ordering from Amici de Don Bosco once and it wasn't quite as satisfying. I think Kenny Rogers has the worst delivery service I've ever experienced. Hmm by now its pretty obvious I have a directory of restos with me. Its captured in my Nokia phonebook as "FOOD" =p. God I suddenly miss home cooking!! Someday when I'm rich I'll get myself a real cook =)

Anyway, back to McDo. This morning I was determined to get a longganisa meal and figured 86236 (McDonalds delivery number) couldnt be congested at this hour (Its 7am and I'm already in the office. I hate coding days!). After 10 mins of queuing (yes I wanted my longganisa that bad) I finally got through. At first I thought my call was routed to one of the branches because the operator sounded like one of the girls at the counter. Then I realized I wasn't. It was really the 86236 operator. I guess I was just used to McDonalds operators with respectable grammar and diction...get it? Maybe when Golden Arches decided to upgrade their delivery system(which explains the congested lines) they downgraded their staff. Well not that I'm complaining. As long as I get my longganisa meal in 30 mins I don't care who I talk to.

September 18, 2008

The brand of beauty queens

If Sushmita was for Olay moisturizer, now its Miriam for Olay soap. I(and the rest of Hangad) have the stuff at home and if moisturizing is what youre looking for then this one does the job without the hard-to-wash-off feeling from Dove =)

I wonder if Precious Lara or Melani Marquez is next in line =p
Then again, baka pang-Mena o ching chong su(?...why do I even know these things?) lang sila. No wait, that spot's reserved for Janina San Miguel pala hahahaha!

Anyway play the video again and listen closely to the soundtrack. Cool no? GALING MO IGO!!! IDOL!!!

Why not? She is a girl after all.

Guess who's doing the latest Covergirl campaign? Ellen!!! Nice to have a non-girly girl (literally and figuratively) doing a cosmetics campaign. Can't wait to see the ads this January.

100 brownie points to the gay ladies in the house! Speaking of gay gals, I still havent found my lesbian friend. I have too many straight and gay guy friends already. I need some lesbians in my circle hehe

September 17, 2008

Not another Boracay album

Shake It - Metro Station

I don't typically post after party pics but I thought I'd share this from last weekend. Haven't had this much fun on the beach in a long time. This post also gives me an excuse to use the slideshow creator I've been wanting to use (but couldn't find a cheesy reason for hehe).

Thanks Cham and Ryan for the pics!

Full album in Cham's Multiply =)

Singing with Coro Degli Angeli

Here are videos of Coro Degli Angeli from the Hangad Noon at Ngayon August 30 show. If I'm not mistaken this is probably the first time we invited other choirs to sing with us in a Hangad-produced show. The experience is definitely worth repeating =)

(Lance ikaw ba yan? haha)

Ama Namin
(They're good! You can tell how disciplined they are when they sing.)

Now We Remain
(Why not ensemble)

Umawit Kayo/Bayan Magsiawit Medley

September 15, 2008

Cebu Pac now flies to JAPAN!!!

I don't believe it! I can finally afford to fly to my dream Asian destination! Forget Singapore, China, HK and Malaysia! Japan here I come! Well, as soon as I save up and recover from my last trip that is =) Click on the image to learn more about the new Cebu Pacific destination.

Brand Camp: Recipe for Traditional Marketing Mix

September 8, 2008

Next Stop: Mabalacat

630 pm Sept 27, 2008
San Rafael Parish
Mabiga, Mabalacat, Pampanga

For tickets contact:
Ismael Delos Reyes 09173957182
Arnel Tapang 09157902480
Dennis Campos 09052494515
Neomi Joy Alido 09165744008
Rey Pamintuan 09207681593

September 5, 2008

Stressed? Bored? Win 5000!

Ok ok let me post this quick before official business hours start =p

"There's nothing better suited to relieve your stresses than to disengage your mind from all the hullabaloo and take a break by enjoying good old clean fun!"

So says
BETHERE's blog and I couldnt agree more. Especially when you've been giving your mind a mental workout for more than 5 hours or more (hey at least some part of me gets some kind of workout) and you need to NOT THINK but JUST DO, then this is the site for you (hey it rhymes!).

BETHERE has a cool selection of games of which some might already be familiar to you mechanics-wise (aka mini-reincarnations of popular yahoo games).The thing naman with these casual games is that it doesn't require much thinking (and I don't think its supposed to). Its not naman one of those complicated epic networking games. That's just my personal opinion though. Real gamers correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, if you register and play now they have an ongoing BETHERE OLYMPICS. So while youre stressed(or bored), why not try earning a quick 5000 bucks in the process?

September 4, 2008

Boracay Blues

What is it with Boracay and blue colored mixed drinks? These pretty but deadly concoctions beat Happy Hour beer and spiked Jona's fruitshakes anytime. I missed my Cocomangas shaker last summer so I had the Cafe del Mar blue drink instead. Next weekend I think I'll have both. I'm coming back for you my blue babies!!!

If you missed last weekend's show...

Then this is what you missed. It's not too late! There's one more show this weekend! See you there (and don't be shy to say hi =))

"Kung aawit ako nang mag-isa, awit ko'y awitin nga ba?"

Block off your calendars for Hangad: Noon at Ngayon, a 10th anniversary concert for Hangad's first album titled "Hangad". The show will feature inspirational and liturgical standards from Hangad's repertoire -- some in their original form, others with fresh new arrangements -- such as Panunumpa, Pananatili, and Pag-Ibig Ko.

Moreover, the show features the launch of a commemorative 5-track CD, also titled Hangad: Noon at Ngayon, featuring new arrangements of well-loved songs mostly from Hangad's first album, plus the first-time release of the upbeat "Walang Ibang Hangad."

Hangad: Noon at Ngayon will be held at 7 PM(with a Mass preceeding the show at 530PM) on August 30, 31 and September 7, 2008, at the St Stanislaus Chapel of the Ateneo High School, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Mass preceeds the concert at 530 PM. Special guest choirs: Ateneo College Ministry Group Choir, Coro Degli Angeli and The Symphony.

Tickets are at Php150, which covers entrance to the show and a copy of the commemorative CD "Hangad: Noon at Ngayon." Additional "Hangad: Noon at Ngayon" CD's can be purchased at Php100 each.

"Habambuhay iisa ang Hangad: umawit sa "Yo!"

September 3, 2008

How to be anti-lamok without sacrificing your aesthetics

What looks like a normal plant box filled with water...

is actually a mini-pool/aquarium/anti-dengue device.

Galing ng nakaisip nito. I wana do this too! That is if I had outdoor space. Can I do this in the building swimming pool? =p

September 2, 2008

Santa Close/Klaws season na naman!

And you know what that means... Its KREEEZMAZTIME! Can't help but post this classic christmas carol(like last year =p) to start the season right. Enjoy!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause - Vilma Santos

I sow mammy kissing Santa Close
Andernit demistletoe last night
She deednt se me crepe
Down the stairs to have a pep
She taught that I was stackup in my bedroom fast aslep
Then I sow mommy tickle Santa Close
Andernit his bird so smolyheh
O what a fight it could have been if daddy had only sin
Mommy kising Santa Close last night

merry_kreezmas___NORA.mp3 -

I saw mommy kissing Santa Klaws
Underneath the miztletoe last night [vibrato]
She deednt see me creep [vibrato]
Down the stairs to have a peep [vibrato]
She thought that I was tacked up in my bedroom fast asleep [vibrato]
Then I sow mommy tickla Sanat Klaus
Underneath his beard so snowy huwhite [vibrato]
Oh what a laught it would have been if doddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Klaus last night [vibrato]