August 28, 2008

Thankfully not my dorm shower experience

Ahh the days of sharing a public shower everyday.....are thankfully long over!!! =p


franzBiely said...

care to exchange link. I already link your blog. here is mine:
Thank you. ^_^.
I'm a hangad fan. ^_^

leroy said...

ugh. i still haven't got my CD.

good thing, i went to your first day of concert.

great, though it seems like you're losing the distinct quality of Hangad I used to hear. :[

_leroy. cx

jampackedbear said...

you were there? You should have said hi.I could have given you your CD there tsk tsk tsk

What distinct quality is that? I'm curious.

leroy said...

yeah. i was there.
i was soooo hungry na kasi afterwards.and you were so busy entertaining your fans.haha.

you sound like ahm, the ateneo glee...
the voices are kinda spread out. and you sing a bit mechanical na.
it's difficult to identify which is which and who's who.
kasi, before.. the harmony is right lang. partly, pop-sy and partly classical.
but now, uhm.. it's way too not-so-Hangad.

at least, you maintained the 'maramdamin' thingy of the way you sing. :]

anyway, keep up the good work![am not supposed to tell these things.omg.]

jampackedbear said...

haha don't worry. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion naman =)

Thanks for the feedback!