September 5, 2008

Stressed? Bored? Win 5000!

Ok ok let me post this quick before official business hours start =p

"There's nothing better suited to relieve your stresses than to disengage your mind from all the hullabaloo and take a break by enjoying good old clean fun!"

So says
BETHERE's blog and I couldnt agree more. Especially when you've been giving your mind a mental workout for more than 5 hours or more (hey at least some part of me gets some kind of workout) and you need to NOT THINK but JUST DO, then this is the site for you (hey it rhymes!).

BETHERE has a cool selection of games of which some might already be familiar to you mechanics-wise (aka mini-reincarnations of popular yahoo games).The thing naman with these casual games is that it doesn't require much thinking (and I don't think its supposed to). Its not naman one of those complicated epic networking games. That's just my personal opinion though. Real gamers correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, if you register and play now they have an ongoing BETHERE OLYMPICS. So while youre stressed(or bored), why not try earning a quick 5000 bucks in the process?

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