August 6, 2008

Remembering the essence of a woman

If you were in the Philippines back in 94, the only reason for you not to have known this event was if you were in a coma.

And Sushmita is back! This time for Olay Total Effects. If this moisturizer doesn't give you the essence of a woman and make you feel like a Miss Universe winner then nothing will =p

Bonus. I couldn't resist haha:

Miss Universe 1994_ Opening Number - Mabuhay

Here in The Philippines they have a word,
A great way to start of each day....
When you want to say "Welcome", "We wish you the best"...
Just smile up a smile as you say, oh, oh, Mabuhay!
"You're smilin" Mabuhay "You're stylin"
It's a great salutation Mabuhay!
Mabuhay! "Persuasion", Hello, "You are delicious"
It's a one word flirtation, Mabuhay!
Won't you join us and try out this Philippine way,
To say "Welcome, we're glad that you came"
It's a neat little greeting to start up each day,
Just smile up a smile and exclaim, oh, oh,
Mabuhay!, "Hello there" Mabuhay! "Let's go there"
Mabuhay!, "God bless you" Mabuhay!
Mabuhay you're singin'
Mabuhay we're swingin'
May you have a wonderful day-----
Well there's one thing about it you can't live with out!
Don't doubt it just shout it, Mabuhay!

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