August 14, 2008

Last chance to win a free CD

Alright friends of Hangad, this is your last chance to win the commemorative Hangad anniversary CD. Read on and email your answer to Game?

The first Hangad album was launched in 1998 in cassette tape format. When the CD version of the same album was launched 2 years later, two songs were added to the track list.

What two songs in the Hangad CD were not originally included in the Hangad tape?
(Clue: Both tracks have exclamation marks! in their titles)

Like in the last round, first 5 to submit the correct answers to by 5pm tommorrow (August 15, 2008) wins a CD. If you answer through Blogger or Multiply, I won't confirm anything :) Winners will be announced next Tuesday (August 19) and will be asked to submit their mailing addresses. Prizes will be mailed by end of August (the album is now in its final stage of mixing. Yep, its that fresh!)

For those who won last time, geeve tsans to aders egen!

Leaving you with pictures I took of the exhausted basses listening to the results after completing the last song for vocal recording. I asked them to pose near the mic para kunwari in the middle of recording but they all ignored me =p

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