August 22, 2008

Fry Fly! Fry!

After hearing about the joys of using the "Fly Bat" from Joanne a couple of months back, I finally got to try using one last weekend. I've no idea why they call it a Fly Bat when its shaped like a racket. Maybe "Fly Racket" was not something the manufacturers can pronounce? But hey, who am I to question all the wonderful cheap imports dumped on us from China? hahaha

Just in case this wonderful invention hasn't made its way to your home, let me tell you how it works. You've seen the lighted insect killer right?(If not then remember Bug's Life? ... "I caaan't heeelp iiit the light is so beoootiiiifuuuulll"....zap! dead!) Well, this thingy uses the same principle except that its more handy. You catch the insect in the electric net and it fries the victim into oblivion. Mosquitoes disintegrate, flies take longer to fry(and smell really bad) and roaches (according to Joanne) are zapped for a couple of seconds then recover (eww).

The electric current is safe for humans by the way so even if its "swithed" on and you have your hands on the net you're safe =)

Barbaric or extremely therapeutic? Well whatever you think of it Pau seems to be enjoying it a lot. Suspend all judgement until you try it out for yourself hehe

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