August 3, 2008

Boardgame fun

Cafe entrance

The next time you find yourself with time to kill in the Ateneo area, check out Game Crab Boardgame Cafe, 2nd Level, FBR Arcade (building with Yellow Cab), Katipunan Ave. For only P45/person/hour (P40 if you're a member), you get to choose from a wide selection of boardgames and play for as long as you want. I'm not sure if there's a limit to the number of boardgames you can choose to play within the hour but most games, especially if you're playing in teams last about an hour anyway.

Board-games or Bored-games?

We couldn't choose which new boardgame to learn playing so we ended up with Cranium (classic Hangad boardgame!). But wait, not just any kind of Cranium, CRANIUM WOW! Well, aside from the name, funky packaging and wacky tokens (with interchangeable headgear), theres nothing really WOW about it. It's still the classic Cranium with updated questions. I still personally prefer Turbo Cranium.

Game mistress helping us set up and
making sure we know how to play the game.

The cafe's kinda big and theres lot of space for big groups. I can imagine how noisy and crowded this place gets during schooldays. We had discovered the place on a Saturday evening so all the "kids" were out. Man I wish someone had thought of this back in college. Would have meant hours of noisy fun aside from hanging out in the orgroom.

New Cranium WOW tokens. See more pics here.

Didn't get to try the food but the prices seemed student friendly(translate as cheap). All I remember about food was that they had a sign posted at the door which read "Win the challenge and get a free steak". Hmm, didn't say what type of challenge it was(or steak for that matter) so we kinda ignored it. I should ask next time. For all we know it could have been an easy challenge.

Louis is KenD's human puppet dancing the Macarena.

It's nice to know such a place exists even with all the Wiis, PS3s, PSPs and X-Boxes around. Although Im still pretty much for electronic games, nothing beats good old fashion boardgame fun with friends to pass the time.

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