August 5, 2008

And the winners are (batch 2)

Last week I announced round two of the free CD contest with the question:

When (year) and where (exact venue)
was the 1st Hangad album (tape) launched?

Congratulations to the first five who got the answer right:
1) Alexander Genota
2) Lance Mejia
3) Allen Lucas
4)Ana Comia
5) Nadia dujunco

Please send me your mailing addreses ( so I can personally send you a copy of the CD before we sell it commercially. Prizes will be mailed by end of August (basses will be recording our last song today! Yey!). To those who (still) did not make the cut, I'll have one more round for you next Tuesday (August 12) so watch out for it.


The 1st Hangad tape(tape! how high tech!) was launched in 1998 at the Ateneo High School Chapel. This year, Hangad will be using the same venue for its 10th anniversary concert/CD launch. No poster out yet but concert dates will be on August 30, 31 and Sept 7. Most likely at 730pm with tickets at P150. We will be having guest choirs per night (which reminds me, we need one more guest choir each for Aug 30 and 31. Any volunteers?) so that's something to look forward to as well.

Ending this post with one of the videos from the launch. Note the haircuts and styling hehe Of the people in the video, only 3 of us remain active to this day. Can you tell who? (walang prize to. trivia lang =p)


leroy said...

oh, have the madz(philippine madrigal singers) as your guest choir!!!xD

or our pathetic choir.haha.

or the imusicapella. lab it.


Anonymous said...

haha kala ko panalo na. So minutes and seconds do count. Haha