August 28, 2008

Thankfully not my dorm shower experience

Ahh the days of sharing a public shower everyday.....are thankfully long over!!! =p

How to get to Ateneo for the concert

Hangad has been receiving a couple of emails asking how to get to the Ateneo HS Chapel for the show this weekend. Here are some directions which hopefully will help you find your way.

By jeepney from

1.) Take Cubao jeepney

2.) Get down at Katipunan Ave.

3.) Take UP jeepney (terminal under Katipunan flyover)

4.) Get down at Ateneo Gate 3 (across KFC)

5.) Walk to Ateneo HS Chapel (see Ateneo map below)

By jeepney from CUBAO

1.) From Aurora Blvd., Take Marikina/SSS/Cogeo jeepney.

2.) Get down at Katipunan LRT station (PSBA)

3.) Take MRT station underpass and cross to the other side (St. Bridget)

4.) Take UP jeepney (terminal under Katipunan flyover)

5.) Get down at Ateneo Gate 3 (across KFC)

6.) Walk to Ateneo HS Chapel (see Ateneo map below)

By jeepney from PHILCOA/UP

1.) Take UP jeepney from Jollibee Philcoa

2.) Get down at Vinzons Hall

3.) Cross the street and take the Katipunan jeepney

4.) Get down at the blue overpass right after Miriam

5.) Enter Ateneo Gate 3 and walk to the HS Chapel (see Ateneo map below)

By taxi/car from Pasig, Makati, Alabang, Laguna

C5 route

1.) take C5 all the way to Katipunan Ave. (go up the flyover after eastwood, stick left and take the underpass)

2.) Enter Ateneo Gate 3 (across KFC) 3.) Follow the road and turn left for Church of the Gesu (See Ateneo map below).

EDSA route

1.) Turn right after Corinthian Gardens gate, before Camp Aguinaldo/People Power Monument

2.) Turn left at the stoplight and enter White Plains

3.) Cross Santolan/Katipunan intersection and take Katipunan flyover

4.) Enter Ateneo Gate 3 (across KFC) 5.) Follow the road and turn left for Church of the Gesu (See Ateneo map below).

By taxi/car from QC, Pampanga

1.) Get to Katipunan and take the U-turn slot under the flyover. 2.) Enter Ateneo Gate 3 (across KFC)

3.) Follow the road and turn left for Church of the Gesu (See Ateneo map below).

August 26, 2008

Hangad Noon at Ngayon sampler

Hangad Noon at Ngayon CDs are now being reproduced and packaged and will be delivered to us by Friday! For the contest winners, this means I'll be able to send you your copies this weekend! (Need to have them signed lang by the members on Saturday to make it more special).

In the meanwhile, here are clips of the album tracks. Enjoy!

Hangad Noon at Ngayon sampler

What Mer is this?



Get it?

August 22, 2008

Fry Fly! Fry!

After hearing about the joys of using the "Fly Bat" from Joanne a couple of months back, I finally got to try using one last weekend. I've no idea why they call it a Fly Bat when its shaped like a racket. Maybe "Fly Racket" was not something the manufacturers can pronounce? But hey, who am I to question all the wonderful cheap imports dumped on us from China? hahaha

Just in case this wonderful invention hasn't made its way to your home, let me tell you how it works. You've seen the lighted insect killer right?(If not then remember Bug's Life? ... "I caaan't heeelp iiit the light is so beoootiiiifuuuulll"....zap! dead!) Well, this thingy uses the same principle except that its more handy. You catch the insect in the electric net and it fries the victim into oblivion. Mosquitoes disintegrate, flies take longer to fry(and smell really bad) and roaches (according to Joanne) are zapped for a couple of seconds then recover (eww).

The electric current is safe for humans by the way so even if its "swithed" on and you have your hands on the net you're safe =)

Barbaric or extremely therapeutic? Well whatever you think of it Pau seems to be enjoying it a lot. Suspend all judgement until you try it out for yourself hehe

August 21, 2008

Viva La Vida (acoustic)

The guys of Boyce Avenue do a cover of Coldplay's Viva La Vida. Cuil =)

Fierce to the 11th power

Sept 3 is the date to watch(aside from the Hangad concerts of course!). With the first transgendered finalist on board, who knows how this cycle will turn out. Any tips for buding badings? The past cycles had a lot of critique on how NOT to pose like a drag queen and now that there's actually one(well not technically) in the show...well...haha Go Tyra! Anything to pull the ratings up! Can you tell which one of the shes below is a he?

Ok ok I know more than one of them looks like a he(exluding Ms. Jay) with the draggish poses and fashions and all but Isis(the first transgendered top model wannabe) is somewhere in the picture. By the way, this print ad really sucks. I can't believe Vogue printed it(supposedly). Its so deliciously tacky its almost funny aha. ha. ha.

Speaking of tyra, I was in the zoo a couple of weekends back and for some reason, I had the feeling one of the attractions was a top model fan. Check out this Orangutan voguing it for the audience. Now that's fierce =p

August 20, 2008

How to tell everyone you're single and available

There's got to be a more discreet way to advertise yourself. Well, actually, he's not even sure if he wants one haha

August 18, 2008

And the winners are (batch 3)

Congratluations to our last set of winners!

1) Joy Joanne Avanzado
2) Adam Domingo
3) Roland Estrada Jr
4) Jafet Vistal
5) Alem Ang

The correct answers to last week's questions are:Umawit Kayo! and Bayan Magsiawit Na!

Please send me your mailing addresses ( so I can personally send you a copy of the CD before we sell it commercially. Prizes will be mailed to you by the end of the month.

Here's a copy of the concert poster for you to repost and pass to your friends. See you at the show!

August 14, 2008

Last chance to win a free CD

Alright friends of Hangad, this is your last chance to win the commemorative Hangad anniversary CD. Read on and email your answer to Game?

The first Hangad album was launched in 1998 in cassette tape format. When the CD version of the same album was launched 2 years later, two songs were added to the track list.

What two songs in the Hangad CD were not originally included in the Hangad tape?
(Clue: Both tracks have exclamation marks! in their titles)

Like in the last round, first 5 to submit the correct answers to by 5pm tommorrow (August 15, 2008) wins a CD. If you answer through Blogger or Multiply, I won't confirm anything :) Winners will be announced next Tuesday (August 19) and will be asked to submit their mailing addresses. Prizes will be mailed by end of August (the album is now in its final stage of mixing. Yep, its that fresh!)

For those who won last time, geeve tsans to aders egen!

Leaving you with pictures I took of the exhausted basses listening to the results after completing the last song for vocal recording. I asked them to pose near the mic para kunwari in the middle of recording but they all ignored me =p

Lonely in the office?

August 12, 2008

Hangad:Noon at Ngayon

"Kung aawit ako nang mag-isa, awit ko'y awitin nga ba?"

Block off your calendars for Hangad: Noon at Ngayon, a 10th anniversary concert for Hangad's first album titled "Hangad". The show will feature inspirational and liturgical standards from Hangad's repertoire -- some in their original form, others with fresh new arrangements -- such as Panunumpa, Pananatili, and Pag-Ibig Ko.

Moreover, the show features the launch of a commemorative 5-track CD, also titled Hangad: Noon at Ngayon, featuring new arrangements of well-loved songs mostly from Hangad's first album, plus the first-time release of the upbeat "Walang Ibang Hangad."

Hangad: Noon at Ngayon will be held at 7 PM(with a Mass preceeding the show at 530PM) on August 30, 31 and September 7, 2008, at the St Stanislaus Chapel of the Ateneo High School, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Mass preceeds the concert at 530 PM. Special guest choirs: Ateneo College Ministry Group Choir, Coro Degli Angeli and The Symphony.

Tickets are at Php150, which covers entrance to the show and a copy of the commemorative CD "Hangad: Noon at Ngayon." Additional "Hangad: Noon at Ngayon" CD's can be purchased at Php100 each.

"Habambuhay iisa ang Hangad: umawit sa "Yo!"

August 6, 2008

Remembering the essence of a woman

If you were in the Philippines back in 94, the only reason for you not to have known this event was if you were in a coma.

And Sushmita is back! This time for Olay Total Effects. If this moisturizer doesn't give you the essence of a woman and make you feel like a Miss Universe winner then nothing will =p

Bonus. I couldn't resist haha:

Miss Universe 1994_ Opening Number - Mabuhay

Here in The Philippines they have a word,
A great way to start of each day....
When you want to say "Welcome", "We wish you the best"...
Just smile up a smile as you say, oh, oh, Mabuhay!
"You're smilin" Mabuhay "You're stylin"
It's a great salutation Mabuhay!
Mabuhay! "Persuasion", Hello, "You are delicious"
It's a one word flirtation, Mabuhay!
Won't you join us and try out this Philippine way,
To say "Welcome, we're glad that you came"
It's a neat little greeting to start up each day,
Just smile up a smile and exclaim, oh, oh,
Mabuhay!, "Hello there" Mabuhay! "Let's go there"
Mabuhay!, "God bless you" Mabuhay!
Mabuhay you're singin'
Mabuhay we're swingin'
May you have a wonderful day-----
Well there's one thing about it you can't live with out!
Don't doubt it just shout it, Mabuhay!

The world is just awesome

Want to start your day with a smile? This songs is guaranteed to make you warm and fuzzy inside =)

I Love the World
by Discovery Channe

It never gets old, huh?

It kinda makes you want to...
Break into song?

I love the mountains,
I love the clear blue skies
I love big bridges
I love when great whites fly

I love the whole world
And all its sights and sounds
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (twice)

I love the oceans
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast
I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world
And all its craziness
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (twice)

I love tornadoes
I love arachnids
I love hot magma
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world
It's such a brilliant place
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (repeating until fade)

Now I was wondering why the "Boom-de-yadda" chorus sounded soooo familiar. I kept thinking and thinking and...aha!

check out 1:28

August 5, 2008

And the winners are (batch 2)

Last week I announced round two of the free CD contest with the question:

When (year) and where (exact venue)
was the 1st Hangad album (tape) launched?

Congratulations to the first five who got the answer right:
1) Alexander Genota
2) Lance Mejia
3) Allen Lucas
4)Ana Comia
5) Nadia dujunco

Please send me your mailing addreses ( so I can personally send you a copy of the CD before we sell it commercially. Prizes will be mailed by end of August (basses will be recording our last song today! Yey!). To those who (still) did not make the cut, I'll have one more round for you next Tuesday (August 12) so watch out for it.


The 1st Hangad tape(tape! how high tech!) was launched in 1998 at the Ateneo High School Chapel. This year, Hangad will be using the same venue for its 10th anniversary concert/CD launch. No poster out yet but concert dates will be on August 30, 31 and Sept 7. Most likely at 730pm with tickets at P150. We will be having guest choirs per night (which reminds me, we need one more guest choir each for Aug 30 and 31. Any volunteers?) so that's something to look forward to as well.

Ending this post with one of the videos from the launch. Note the haircuts and styling hehe Of the people in the video, only 3 of us remain active to this day. Can you tell who? (walang prize to. trivia lang =p)

August 4, 2008

Ikea is finally in Manila!

Got ya excited there =) Well, theres somekinda Ikea showroom in Makati but its not the real thing. I doubt its even authorized to sell the stuff.

August 3, 2008

Boardgame fun

Cafe entrance

The next time you find yourself with time to kill in the Ateneo area, check out Game Crab Boardgame Cafe, 2nd Level, FBR Arcade (building with Yellow Cab), Katipunan Ave. For only P45/person/hour (P40 if you're a member), you get to choose from a wide selection of boardgames and play for as long as you want. I'm not sure if there's a limit to the number of boardgames you can choose to play within the hour but most games, especially if you're playing in teams last about an hour anyway.

Board-games or Bored-games?

We couldn't choose which new boardgame to learn playing so we ended up with Cranium (classic Hangad boardgame!). But wait, not just any kind of Cranium, CRANIUM WOW! Well, aside from the name, funky packaging and wacky tokens (with interchangeable headgear), theres nothing really WOW about it. It's still the classic Cranium with updated questions. I still personally prefer Turbo Cranium.

Game mistress helping us set up and
making sure we know how to play the game.

The cafe's kinda big and theres lot of space for big groups. I can imagine how noisy and crowded this place gets during schooldays. We had discovered the place on a Saturday evening so all the "kids" were out. Man I wish someone had thought of this back in college. Would have meant hours of noisy fun aside from hanging out in the orgroom.

New Cranium WOW tokens. See more pics here.

Didn't get to try the food but the prices seemed student friendly(translate as cheap). All I remember about food was that they had a sign posted at the door which read "Win the challenge and get a free steak". Hmm, didn't say what type of challenge it was(or steak for that matter) so we kinda ignored it. I should ask next time. For all we know it could have been an easy challenge.

Louis is KenD's human puppet dancing the Macarena.

It's nice to know such a place exists even with all the Wiis, PS3s, PSPs and X-Boxes around. Although Im still pretty much for electronic games, nothing beats good old fashion boardgame fun with friends to pass the time.

August 1, 2008

Bowser's Minions(For Mario fans only!)

While were at it, play flash Mario game on my blog. Just scroll down and look for Super Mario Game =)

How to grow a hairy chest

So you need a little more fuzz in your life?

tuhog-tuhog lah

Sometimes we'd rather waste our money on shopping rather than food(agree? agree? I'm not alone right?). So whenever you find yourself in Singapore's Orchard Rd with too much time to shop but not eat (or if you simply don't have the budget for Chili Crab or Swensen's [yuuuuck!] or too lazy to look for a hawker center/kopi tiam) head to the nearest Old Chang Kee stall. Think huge fish balls and other fish ballesque fried stuff for $3 at most. It's tuhog-tuhog Singapore style lah!

Chang Kee check with my Chang Kee models