July 28, 2008

Who ever said babies had it easy?

If I remember my college psych 11 correctly, we start stuffing our brains with memory at age 4. What happened to you before that is a collective memoir of everyone you only see in pictures and videos. Wouldn't it be nice to get a glimpse of how you were from birth until 3 years old? Imagine being a baby again and experiencing the world for the first time. Pampers lets you do just that Pampers World - an interactive funhouse/educational display that lets you roam around the "house" and live it through a baby's eyes.

I had the chance the play with the LAAARGE furniture last Sunday and let me tell you, I wana be a baby again! hahahaha Seriously, its not just eye opening and fun, you actually appreciate what you went through the first 3 years of your life. The event almost lets you experience everything except peepee, poopoo and breastfeeding =p. While going through the rooms I actually was looking forward to a giant bowl of babyfood mush in the end and have a giant food fight but it was not meant to be WAAAAAAAAHHH!

The organizers should have additional rooms where you experience the following activities again, but not necessarily in this order: baptism, annoying relatives pinching your cheek, naked baby pictures and breastfeeding (kulit!)

Me and Anama in the giant crib.
Ahh, if only the bottle was filled
...with beer!

Baby Paulo and Baby James want Baby Anama and Baby Anj for dinner!

Ate, ate whats that thingy?

I don't want to go peepee in the potty!

Look mommy I'm walking!!!

Catch the next run of Pampers World on August 9-10 at Mall of Asia! Its sure to be an unforgettable experience for you and your family!

Thanks Chad for the pics!

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