July 18, 2008

While waiting for the earthquake

I'm sure everyone has received that email forward about the 8.1 earthquake prediction supposed to be happening anytime today. While I personally don't believe in it(just like a lot of people), I can't help but be a leeeeeettle bit paranoid (again, just like a lot of people). Of course science says no one can predict eathquakes and the email content was less than credible but who knows? Maybe out of the 1 million dubious Nostradamuses out there, this one happens to be for real(I bet chamba pa). That's why I'm on the lookout for when all the rats and cockroaches(aka our office sanitation engineer's pets) start stampeding out of my office. Or when suddenly theres a sudden flock of birds flying out of Makati. Or when snakes, armadillos and kookaburras start scurrying out of their homes in Salcedo Park. Or when a taong-grasa starts shouting "The end is nigh!" in the middle of Glorietta (how very Hollywood disaster movie). Ok ok you get it right?

So while we're all waiting for our impending doom, here's a video we can all enjoy in the meantime. If this singer's version doesn't start an earthquake then I don't know what will.

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