July 23, 2008

Romy and Michelle moment

Today I got an IM from a very good buddy about a highschool barkada reunion in Cebu. Strange because I found out that he and another retro friend were chatting about my falling out with another friend - who I happened to dream about the night before I got the reunion notice. Exciting! We haven't been in same room since highschool. You know how it is when ooooooold friends reminisce about EVERYTHING. I'm sure this'll be non-stop-dusk-till-dawn laugh trip. I hope they bring the burn book with them. Yes! You read it right. A BURN BOOK! Though I think we called it by another name then. Mean Girls got the idea from us hahaha. It'd be interesting to see how everyone has changed (or not). Anyway, in honor of the occasion, here a playlist of ...hits from senior year! 1994-1995.

Don't you just love imeem =)

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